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Entryway Ideas for the World Traveler

Entryway Ideas for the World Traveler
Winter-themed entryway

The entryway is the first impression of your home welcoming guests into your world. So let it you’re your personality and interests. And if travel is your passion, even when life gets busy and going around the globe gets tough, you can always bring the world home to you with these easy entryway ideas.

By Rina Chandarana, Zardozi Magazine

Pick a Theme

First off, pick a theme for your entryway design ideas. Different destinations have their own feeling. When you’re wandering in Paris, you can’t help but think of gilded palaces filled with kings and queens of days long ago. Or in Bali you feel at peace among the little towns and lush wilderness. In Costa Rica, you’re often dipping under the sea, welcomed by a vibrant underwater world. The world is wide and you can bring it back home with you depending on the style and color scheme you gravitate towards.

Farmhouse-themed entryway

Mirror Mirror

First impressions matter right? So before you run out the door, give yourself a second glance making sure you’re looking your best in a mirror that reflects your love for travel. Mirrors with unique shapes and colors will instantly transport you back to the bustling markets abroad.

Key to Life

When you get home after a long day, you just want somewhere to plonk your keys, but leaving everything lying around in the entryway can look messy. A few decorative boxes or a glittering tray that you might see in a lavish hotel abroad, stash away your belongings.

Table Top

Entryway design ideas don’t have to be bland. Use it as an opportunity to show the world (or just your family and friends) that you brought your wanderlust home. Depending on the size of your entryway, place a dresser or small table near the front where you can stash your stuff. But go with furniture color reminding you of some faraway, exotic land.

Entryway Rugs

A bold pattern or specific color choice will transport you to Jaipur, the Pink City or to a bustling Mexican market. The rug doesn’t actually have to be bought from that place, but as long as it reminds you of a special trip, then you’re on the right track with your entryway decor.

Take a Seat

No matter how big or small your entryway is, benches are a must. You need a spot to put your shoes on or rest your bag. Just keep the bench choice to one that goes well with your entryway decor ideas. Tufted benches remind us of Versailles, while rustic wood brings back memories of a cabin nestled into snowy mountains on a ski trip.

Entryway with hooks and signs

I’m Hooked

A coat hanger or even brass hooks can be placed on a wall along your entryway to place your coat and bags keeping them off the floor. You can even paint the hooks to match your world traveler theme.

Picture Time

Even if can’t jump on a plane right away, a gallery of pictures from your most memorable trips hung among your entryway decor will keep you smiling (and ready to pack for your next adventure).

Basket Case

Woven baskets might remind you of a trip to Vietnam, while one with vibrant prints and patterns take you back to that time in Rajasthan. Not only do these keep your front entryway decorating ideas looking eclectic, but they’ll also serve as a place to hide away everyone’s shoes.

Wallcovering Wandering

Covering a large space with wallpaper can be quite the splurge, but since entryways are usually smaller, this is the spot to cover one wall with a bold print instead. There’s botanical, tropical, and even animal inspired wallpapers that will instantly transport you to one of your most beloved destinations whether that’s a lush jungle by a glistening sea or a wildlife-filled African safari. Or go with a bold paint color. A bright lacquered red reminds us of Asia, while a rich blue is reminiscent of regal London. Don’t hold back with front entryway decorating ideas.

Entryway with baskets, pillows and bull art

Hang Ups

Remember when you were wandering through that Moroccan market, snagging that handwoven rug? Or that time you picked up delicately painted plates in Portugal? Front entry ideas don’t need to be dull. Walls are a perfect place to show off your international treasures.

Enter Here

Invite your friends and family into your whole new world with a brightly painted front door. Across Europe, doors are painted in a rainbow of hues, welcoming travelers to their spellbinding cities. What you’ll also notice across Europe are the unique door knockers and handles. In Malta’s capital city Valletta, we spotted brass knockers shaped like dolphins and mermaids, reminding us that we were so close to the Mediterranean. Take that feeling home with you with one of these interesting entryway decor accessories.

Curated Collections

Do you collect specific trinkets everywhere you go? Vases, sculptures, and crafts made by local artisans can be easily displayed on floating shelves in your front entryway ideas. While wandering in India, we picked up a wooden stamp sold by a woman in a pretty saree.  Displaying these treasures will remind you how you helped talented people so far away carry on with their crafts.

Tell your travel story with these entryway ideas, making your home a global abode. And even when you’re far away from your next trip, it still won’t feel that bad when you’ve brought the world to you.

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