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5 Indispensable Travel Gadgets to Pack for Your Next Trip

5 Indispensable Travel Gadgets to Pack for Your Next Trip

The choice of travel gadgets you bring on your next vacation can make or break your trip – even more so when traveling with the entire family. In addition to your trusty neck pillow and favorite travel bag, you’ll want to pack some travel tech to help you keep in touch with the world, maybe listen to music, and have things along to keep the kiddos occupied. As you gear up to travel again remember to put these simple and everyday – but game-changing – gadgets in your suitcase for a fun and stree-free family vacation

1. Tablet

An electronic tablet has to be number one on my list of travel gadgets to pack when vacationing with kids. You can use it to keep kids entertained during long flights, long drives, when waiting in long custom lines, and for jet-lagged kids who refuse to sleep through the night. Before you go, make sure you download kid-friendly e-books, games and movies that can be watched offline, so you don’t need an internet connection and can fully benefit from the use of this gadget no matter where you go.

2. Headphones

Imagine hearing Peppa Pig for the fourth time in a row. Most parents would utterly lose their minds. Now imagine hearing Peppa Pig four times in a row, from two different devices. If that gets on your nerves, imagine how quickly it will probably get on the nerves of the person sitting next to you on the airplane. The best thing you can do when the kids are using devices is give them headphones. Even better, make sure to bring a set of headphones for each person in the family when packing your travel gadgets. The best type of headphones for kids are the types with padding that cover the ear completely. Fumbling around the floor of an airplane for an earbud is nobody’s idea of fun.

Three pairs of cat ear headphones
Young boy crouched down with action camera

3. Quick-Charging Power Banks and Adapters

Nothing puts a damper on your travel quite like a kid having a meltdown when a device goes dead. Plan for the inevitable and make sure to bring along a high-power charging bank. You can even choose a solar-powered charger to make it easier to recharge on the go, outdoors at the beach or park and anywhere you go. And you don’t need to pack one power bank per person. I recommend choosing one with multiple charging ports; that way everyone can recharge their electronics at the same time. Also important are the adapters. Trust me, no one will be happy if you get caught waiting for a delayed flight or stuck in traffic without having your electronics fully charged.

4. Action Cam

Family vacations make the most beautiful memories, and rather than trying to keep all those mental pictures for every cherished moment, capture all the family fun with an action camera. An action cam is probably my favorite piece of travel gear, because it allows you to easily make videos of your adventures. And once your trip is over, your family will be able to enjoy those special travel memories over and over again.

5. Kid Travel Tray

If you’ve traveled with kids before, you know what a pain it is to collect LEGO and crayons off the dirty airplane floor. A travel tray is a great accessory to bring along on your next trip. It can help keep your child’s things organized and neat in one place. No more crayons all over the floor and no more eating snacks straight from a dirty airplay table tray! A kid’s travel tray is also great to have on hand when road-tripping with small kids. It can be used on laps, which means it can be used anywhere along your journey and at your final destination as well. 

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