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Family Advent Calendar: Kindness & Joy

Family Advent Calendar: Kindness & Joy
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An activity-based family advent calendar is a great way to slow down. In addition, it helps us focus on sharing kindness and joy. As the holidays approach, we can be overwhelmed with finding those “perfect” presents. Download Zulily’s family advent calendar to help balance the wanting and buying with 25 sweet, simple acts of giving. 

Using Your Calendar 

This holiday activity calendar can be used by adults, kids or family groups. First, download and print the free calendar. Next, read and discuss the activities. You may choose to do each activity together. Or, let different people take the lead on different days. For example baking, donating or driving activities should be overseen by adults. Letter-writing or reading activities are easy for most age levels. 

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How-To Tips for Holiday Activities: Giving

  • Certainly, there are many options for making homemade gifts (December 2). One example is crafting a no-sew t-shirt tote. You can use an outgrown, rarely-worn or cool graphic-theme tops by following these simple instructions.
  • Donating time to a charity (December 5) may be extra tricky this year. Luckily, there are plenty of virtual options. Search “virtual volunteering” to find ways to help nonprofit groups and people. Or, attend an online drama, dance or music event you would normally see in a theater. This could help struggling arts groups, and bring joy and delight to you, too!
  • Writing, making and mailing cards (December 7, December 13) is easy with our information and inspiration for letter writers.
  • Importantly, keep safety in mind when you offer to help others by shoveling a driveway or walking a dog. For example, discuss mask-wearing or ask about health concerns. In short, make sure everyone feels comfortable with the plan.

How-To Tips for Holiday Activities: Connecting

  • Unplugging is extra important this year because so much of life is lived online. Enjoying family cocoa with the television off (December 16) may just be a start. Look for more fun was to stay “disconnected.” Enjoy listening to (and perhaps singing) holiday music. Plan a family game night. Or set aside one night a week for reading instead of tv.
  • Reading a Christmas story (December 23) is one of the holiday season’s great pleasures. Therefore, feel free add this activity to your holiday plan as often as you like! Moreover, there are lots of ways to give great gifts that start with books. In addition, you may want to create your own Christmas library.
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Stocking the pantry is both fun and practical. It’s great to stay supplied with plenty of baking essentials, donation-friendly canned goods and busy day snacks. Before completing your shopping list, be sure to check your holiday recipes and charitable giving plans. Most importantly, keep life merry!

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