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Why You Should Choose A Faux Christmas Tree

Why You Should Choose A Faux Christmas Tree
When you picture the perfect Christmas tree, what do you see? A luxurious fir, tastefully decorated with lights and ornaments, presents wrapped neatly underneath — right? While it’s easy to conjure up that image in your mind, it’s easier to forget the hard work that goes into achieving that vision of the perfect centerpiece for your holiday living room.

Buying a tree too early or too late could mean you end up with a sad, dry little old Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Transporting and getting the tree into the living room is always a challenge, too. Next, you spend hours decorating it, step back to admire your work… and sneeze. And when January comes around, it’s another half a day of effort just to dispose of it. Fun!

If you’re tired of doing this year after year, it may be time to consider getting an artificial or “faux” tree. After all, gone are those ugly, plastic-looking Christmas trees you could spot from a mile away as fake. Modern faux trees are even better than the real thing, with the authentic look and feel of a real Christmas fir, and none of the pain of transportation, disposal, shedding or allergies. They’re easy to decorate and store, easy on your wallet and great for the environment.

Here are all the reasons why getting an artificial tree will make your holiday tradition truly enjoyable.


Easy come, easy store! Artificial Christmas trees can be easily bought online and delivered straight to your door in convenient packaging. They are a snap to set up, and usually come with a stand made of sturdy material and lightweight branches that can generally be assembled in a very short time.

Artificial trees usually come with a storage bag. So, all you need to do at the end of the holidays is pack up all the branches and the stand and put the tree away in your garage, closet or attic, ready to be brought out again next year!


Choosing a better-quality artificial Christmas tree matters, so you can rest assured your tree will look just like a real tree and last for many holiday seasons. Today’s artificial trees are made of a material called high-grade polyethylene (PE) that mimics the color, shape and feel of a real tree. While real trees are often not symmetric, artificial trees are designed to ensure balance and symmetry.

Faux trees come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Choose from classic trees, pre-lit trees or flocked trees for an aesthetic that appeals most to you.

Remember to measure the space where you plan to put up your tree prior to ordering, so you pick the right size. A good rule of thumb is to measure the height between your floor and the ceiling and subtract half a foot to know the size of tree you can buy. For example, if you have a ceiling that’s 8 feet high (which is standard for most homes), you could get a tree that’s up to 7 ½ foot tall. Don’t forget to measure twice!


Real Christmas trees often have dry pine needles and cones that could catch fire from a fireplace or shorted electrical lights. Artificial trees are made of flame-retardant material, which makes them a much safer choice.

The metal stand that serves as the base of the artificial tree is designed to ensure the tree does not tip over, potentially causing injury. Some trees come with stands mounted on castors, so you can easily roll your tree from one location to another without running the risk of hurting your back or shoulders.

Since artificial tree branches don’t bend or droop, your ornaments are far less likely to fall and shatter, reducing the risk of injury. And since they don’t shed pine needles, they won’t cause allergies or affect those with respiratory conditions like asthma.

Faux Christmas Tree Decorations and Presents


Artificial trees are made of resilient material and could last for many years. Because they can be re-used so often, you will save on the cost of everything from purchase to transportation and disposal. According to the American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA), the cost of replacing a live Christmas tree every year is three times (!) the cost of purchasing a single artificial Christmas tree. Plus, with the rising cost of real trees, an artificial tree would certainly save you a lot more money (for the rest of your Christmas shopping).


Artificial Christmas trees are re-used for an average of 10 years. Imagine the impact on the environment, compared to buying and disposing of a real tree every year. If you need to buy a new artificial tree after many years of re-use, consider recycling the old one.


When you receive your tree, the branches may appear flattened and not full or realistically spread out. Don’t worry, a little bit of fluffing will make your tree look full and appealing. Here’s a guide on how to prepare your tree properly:

  • Wear protective gloves for your hands. Many artificial trees come with gloves.
  • Start by spreading out the individual branches, starting from the inside (towards the stand or base) and gently stretching them outwards, taking special care to fluff the tips.
  • Spread out branches widely at the base of the tree, and less and less further apart as you taper towards the top.
  • For a more natural look, lightly and gently twist some of the smaller branches and tips.
  • Step back and check to see whether the branches are even or symmetrical as you work.

Next, it’s time to add lights. Start from the inside and work your way outward and around, spacing lightbulbs to make sure the tree is lit evenly across its length and width. Some people like to hang the lights from the top down (which may make it easier to remove them later). Or, you could save time and skip straight ahead to decorating by getting a pre-lit tree! Some pre-lit trees also come with the option to switch between single color and multi-color lighting.

When decorating, consider using pinecones to complete the realistic look and to fill in any gaps. For an elegant aesthetic, use ribbon instead of tinsel. Add ornaments and fake snow to flock the tree as desired. For a more authentic ambience, you might enjoy lighting a pine-scented candle, spray a pine air freshener in the room or hang a wreath of real tree branches up.

Now, stack your presents, grab a cup of cocoa and enjoy your beautiful faux Christmas tree!

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