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Top 10 Fidget and Sensory Toys For Gifting To Kids

Top 10 Fidget and Sensory Toys For Gifting To Kids

Fidget toys and sensory toys for kids are nothing new (fidget spinners had a spike in demand back in 2017, for one, and stress balls have been around forever!). And yet, they’re seeing a surge in popularity again with fun new options on the market.

Fidget toys are specially designed objects that offer constructive ways to keep hands busy in some form. They often pop, spin, or can be squeezed.

These are toys that definitely have benefits for kids – and even some adults, too. (There’s often an argument that they can sometimes be distracting – particularly in places like a school classroom – but there’s no denying their positive aspects, too.)

Research shows that when children are able to move in some way, especially if they’re feeling stressed or anxious, or if they suffer from ADHD, their focus and concentration improve.

One great way to use fidget toys for kids in a learning environment is to incorporate the toys into breaks. Allow the child to give their brain a fun, mental rest while playing with a fidget toy, and that will help them get back to paying attention with regained focus.

These toys can also help calm children down, since stress and anxiety can create restless hands. A fidget toy, in this case, can act as a stress reliever by keeping the hands busy.

If you’re looking to gift a fidget toy to a child in your life, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best options around. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the educational toy section to snag some great deals on fidget toys for kids!

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10 Best Fidget & Stress Toys For Kids That Are Great For Gifting!

1. Pop its

Pop it fidget toys are just about everywhere these days, and it’s no wonder why kids love them. They’re available in so many different sizes, colors and shapes – everything from a pineapple to an ice cream cone to a unicorn head and – tons more. Each pop it-style toy is made up of little half spheres, making the toy look a little like it’s made of silicone bubble wrap, which kids can pop in and out. It’s incredibly addicting – no wonder these sensory toys for kids are so popular!

2. Fidget bracelets

These bracelets, like a wearable pop it-style toy, might be a good option for some kids to wear to school – particularly children who have issues with paying attention. If they can learn to use the bracelet as a non-distracting tool to manage that extra energy or stress or anxiety, they can be very helpful when it comes to being in a good mental space for learning.

3. Squeezable keychains

Another good, yet more subtle option when on-the-go or in a school environment, these keychains often come in cute designs such as pea pods. When squeezed, they can help keep hands busy and release tension.

4. Fidget spinner

This style of fidget toy – one that is held at a central point and then can be effortlessly spun, moving quickly around that central static point – can be great for kids with autism, since often such children find watching something in motion to be very soothing.

5. Fidget pad controller

Picture a video game controller (maybe one from the 90s – not as sophisticated as some are today), and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what a fidget pad controller looks like. Although they’re smaller than a typical video game controller. The benefit of this style of fidget toy – which can easily be held in a single hand – is that it incorporates a few different forms of movement into one sensory toy. For example, it might include movements like flipping, rocking, spinning, and rolling.

6. Fidget tubes

We have some of these colorful tubes at our house for my 4-year-old daughter, and they’re wonderful! They start small and can be pulled to extend into much longer, less rigid tubes. Then children can push them back to bring them to their original size. They can fit together, creating chains of tubes, and when the tube size is extended, the fidget toy makes a pleasant sound. (So this definitely isn’t a good option if you’re looking for a silent toy!)

7. Fidget pencil toppers

You can pop these onto the end of any pencil to add some sensory action. Most of these contain a screw-like motion, allowing the child to move a “screw” up and down the length of the topper.

8. Twistable wooden fidget balls

These fidget toys are made up of wooden balls connected by a flexible material which allows them to be manipulated into countless shapes. Users can contract, twist, bend, expand and more, making them soothing and rhythmic.

9. Fidget bands

There are less of a toy and more of a tool for the classroom, but I wanted to include them on this list. They attach to the base of a chair and give a child something to do with their feet to keep part of their body in motion while also allowing their mind to be more still and calm. They’re also very discreet, since they’re mostly out of sight within a classroom environment.

10. Fidget putty

This fidget toy often includes an extra sensory element in addition to the squish of the putty, such as a small toy inside, an aromatherapy component, or small beads, etc.

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