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Five Reasons to Sign Your Kid Up for Coding Classes

Five Reasons to Sign Your Kid Up for Coding Classes

In today’s technologically advanced world, having some sort of coding skills is becoming increasingly critical. Regardless of the career path kids choose, computers are involved in virtually every aspect of our lives, from banking, health, social media, education, transportation – and even shopping. For that reason, it’s so important for our kids to not only know how to use computers, but understand how they work too. With busy schedules during the school year, summer is a great time to sign up for coding classes for kids.

Coding can help kids build 21st century skills necessary for success in a tech-driven world. It can help kids to learn and communicate in new ways and better prepare them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Parents should not overlook coding as a skill that kids need to learn. Here are the top reasons why:

1. It’s Easy to Learn at an Early Age

The earlier kids start coding, the easier it will be for them to pick up new ideas and adapt mindsets around computational thinking. Coding has become the language much of our world depends on, and like any other language, kids can learn it best if they start early.

2. It Helps Kids Better Understand Their World

Learning to code can help kids visualize abstract concepts, better plan and organize their thoughts, and make them better prepared to apply math and logic to real-world situations. To lay the foundation, you can introduce STEM toys that foster problem solving and critical thinking. Or also order some educational workbooks your kids can tackle during the summer.

3. It Builds Problem-Solving and Analytical Thinking Skills

The ability to solve problems is an essential skill regardless of what your kids might want to be when they grow up. Learning computer programming will help develop creativity, logic and critical thinking skills that are applicable to any career. In fact, today two out of every three computer programming jobs are in the finance, business, healthcare, and design industries. Coding can be applied to a wide range of professions and career interests.

4. It Costs Less Than You Think

Sure, there are some pricey coding camps and classes for kids out there but you can also find tons of low-cost resources, including many free apps and other tools that can help your kid learn to code without breaking the bank. Even some of the priciest programs may offer free courses or no-cost trial classes so it’s easy for kids to learn to code without paying anything up front., an organization dedicated to improving access to coding classes to all kids in grades K–12, is especially focused on improving access to coding classes for underrepresented populations, including girls and minorities. Check their website for resources and even a few coding exercises your kid could learn now.

When finding ways for your kids to learn to code, start with the free resources first. Sign up for a trial class or download free coding apps. My own kids have learned to code with Tynker and Minecraft. Once your child gets comfortable with computational thinking and begins understanding the basics of coding, then you can consider making a larger investment into their coding education.

5. It Helps Today’s Kids Become Tomorrow’s Leaders

Coding and computational thinking are key skills our kids need to learn in order to excel in the careers of tomorrow. If your child is interested in video games or computer programming at a young age, coding classes may give them an advantage  when they apply to colleges or jobs since employers will be looking for applicants who possess basic coding skills. Knowing how computers work and how to engage with them early on can be essential to developing young minds – and empowering.

6. Coding is Fun!

Just like some of the classic STEM activities and science experiments you can do at home, creating games or animation, exploring coding apps, and learning to code, can be really fun for kids. Learning to code can take on the form of learning how games are made with Javascript or creating a simple website with HTML and CSS. Learning to code can also involve solving puzzles and completing challenges. It can also allow them to do some of the things they already think are fun, such as creating their own video games. Coding can also help kids become more confident in their math and communication abilities and present them with opportunities to be more creative.

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