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From Jade Rollers To Gua Sha: Essential Skincare Tools & How To Use Them

From Jade Rollers To Gua Sha: Essential Skincare Tools & How To Use Them

Until recently, the only way to get salon-quality skincare procedures was by making an appointment at a salon and potentially dropping hundreds of dollars. Since many people are spending more time at home since the COVID-19 pandemic, at-home skincare has quickly become a wildly popular ritual—and for many, somewhat of a hobby (I am very guilty of this)!  

As a beauty blogger, I’ve tried almost all of the skincare tools on the marketfrom the essential ones to the crazy high-tech ones. After years of experimentation, I’ve narrowed my list of absolutely essential skincare tools down to just 4 tools. Whether you are looking for a quick refresh, long-term anti-aging solutions, or something else, there is a tool out there for you. And, the best part is that most of these tools only add a few minutes to your daily routine (I usually use all 4 of these tools in the time it takes my coffee to brew in the morning)! 

Below, I’ll provide a description of the tools, the benefits, and how to use them in your daily skincare routine for healthy, glowing skin!  

Essential Skincare Tools & How To Use Them


Facial Roller

Facial rollers (also called derma rollers) have made a huge splash in the skincare world in the past couple of years. If you are on social media, watch television, or read magazines, chances are you’ve seen a jade roller or a rose quartz roller more than once. So, what is so great about these skincare tools and how do they work

Inspired by old Chinese medicine, facial rollers are tools made up of one or more smooth jade or rose quartz stones. The stones each have their own natural benefits and energies, similar to crystals. The jade roller balances out negative energy, soothes and destresses, while the rose quartz roller encourages an open heart for self-care, healing and peace. There are now many other facial roller stones available, and skincare tool company, Mount Lai even offers a quiz to determine the best stone for you! 

When rolled across the skin of your face and neck (specifically under the eyes, cheeks, jawbone, neck and forehead) they give a gentle lymphatic massage, along with a multitude of other benefitsincluding stress relief, lymphatic drainage, reduction of puffiness, and more. 

Pro Tips: 
  • Store your jade roller or rose quartz roller in the freezer or a skincare fridge. The cool stone will sooth and de-puff skin when used cold—this is especially helpful for dark circles and undereye bags! 
  • Use your derma roller while (and after) wearing a sheet mask on your face to assist in product absorption. 
  • For lymphatic drainage, roll your jade roller or rose quartz roller from underneath your ear down your neck. Applying a facial oil or essential oils before doing this will help with ease of the massage. 
  • Use your derma roller after applying skincare products to assist in absorption. 


Dry brush

Dry brushing is no longer just for the body! Many companies now offer small dry brushes, specifically for the skin on your face and neck. Using a dry brush is a centuries old ritual in which a brush with firm but gentle bristles is used to massage the body and skin. This super-simple process has so many benefits, including exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells, brightening skin, firming skin, and boosting circulation while providing lymphatic drainage.  

Pro Tips:  
  • Use a dry brush on your skin before applying skincare products like moisturizer. The exfoliation will encourage better absorption. 
  • Only use a dry brush on completely dry skin. Moisture can damage your brush. 
  • Use your dry brush in circular motions for the best results. 


gua Sha

Another skincare tool inspired by old Chinese medicine and crystals is the Gua Sha tool. Similar to jade rollers and rose quartz rollers, Gua Sha tools are made of stones that provide a variety of benefits for the skin and body. Sometimes called a “facial lifting tool” or “scraper,” Gua Sha is shaped like an uneven heart in order to lift and firm the skin on your face. In addition to these benefits, Gua Sha also reduces puffiness by providing lymphatic drainage and soothing the skin, and it also can be used as a massage tool to relieve facial muscle tension. 

Pro Tips: 
  • Store your Gua Sha in the freezer or a skincare fridge. The cool stone will soothe and de-puff skin when used cold. 
  • Gua Sha can be done every day for visible lifting and firming effects over time. 
  • Be sure to apply a facial oil or essential oils before using a Gua Sha in order to avoid pulling (this can cause wrinkles!) or damaging your skin. 
  • Check out this video from Mount Lai on the different directions to use your Gua Sha on your face. 


cleansing brush

Cleansing your skin is perhaps the most important step in any daily skincare routine. Cleansing your face gets rid of impurities, clears pores, reduces acne, and brightens your skin. This can be done simply with your hands and fingers, but for those wanting a deeper clean, multi-purpose cleansing brushes are abundantly available. While there are many types of cleansing brushes on the market, (rubber bristles, soft bristles, electric rotating brushes, etc.) they all do mostly the same thing—give you that deep clean your skin desperately needs every so often.  

Pro Tips:  
  • Keep your cleansing brush in the shower for quick, daily use with your favorite cleanser. 
  • Apply your cleanser directly to your face rather than to the brush to get the most out of the product. 
  • Use your cleansing brush in a gentle, circular motion. This will provide the deepest penetration of the product while simultaneously promoting circulation.  

Even if you’re a beginner and start with just one of these tools, you are already on your way to healthier, beautiful skin in just minutes! You glow, girl! 

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