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10 Gift Ideas for the Dog Owner Who Has Everything

10 Gift Ideas for the Dog Owner Who Has Everything

Hard-core dog parents are often just as loyal as the pups they adore. That’s why finding gifts for dog lovers that will truly hit a home run can be tricky. 

Whether you found a new furry companion during quarantine to keep you company while working from home or you’ve rescued more animals than you can count, I bet you are wondering what to “gift” that special fur friend in your life.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your four-legged friend or a dog lover in your life that seems to have it all, you’ve come to the right place. 

The good news is that there’s no shortage of great dog gear or puppy-themed accessories for you to pick from. We have compiled a list of 10 great gift ideas for the dog owner who has everything (or so they thought!)

10 Gift Ideas For Dog Moms & Their Fur Babies

1. For the jewelry-loving dog mom

Jewelry is always a good holiday gift, especially if it’s a pet necklace. Make the gift an extra-special surprise with a necklace of their dog’s breed!

2. For the dog with lots of toys

Do you find yourself tripping over dog toys every time you visit your friend’s home? They could use a dog toy storage basket.

3. For the dog on the go

A new walking harness or dog coat is just what they want and need! There’s nothing like a dog showing off a new outfit during afternoon strolls around the city.

4. For the dog who gets into mischief

Some dogs have a habit of getting into trouble when they’re home alone, and one of the best gifts you can give their owners is a pet camera.

Dog Toys and Treats

5. For the serious chewer

Chewable toys are a favorite gift for pet parents. You can choose from an impressive variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Plus, these types of dog toys can address certain behavioral problems in dogs, such as boredom and separation anxiety.

6. For the dog who loves to travel

All dogs deserves to look good during long flights or road trips sporting a stylish new dog harness or dog clothes.

7. For the messy eater

Over-enthusiastic dogs can make a bit of a mess at dinnertime, but that’s what pet mats are for. You can find a wide variety of styles made of non-slip materials that absorb any water that might get splashed around. 

8. For the new puppy

New puppies sometimes have a hard time settling into their new homes. But what puppy could resist a treat? Gift gourmet dog treats and enjoy the sparkle in their eyes when they smell that heavenly treat.

9. For the dog who sheds a lot

If the person you’re shopping for is always complaining about having dog hair all over their house, you can make their whole year by gifting them a vacuum cleaner.

10. For the dog owner who loves snail mail or Personalized dog notes

Your dog-loving pen pal will surely get a kick out of a set of personalized note cards! You can get creative and make your own. Homemade gifts are always a great idea.

Some of our other favorite homemade gifts for pets are rope toys. Here is our take on a felt braided rope dog toy you can easily make at home. And kids can help too!

Dog Mom with dog and wrapped presents

Gift wrapping ideas and supplies

Finding the perfect gifts is fairly easy; wrapping those presents is more often the challenging part (especially for oddly-shaped gifts like dog bones).

We want you to feel comfortable wrapping Christmas gifts, so here are some tips on how to wrap the perfect gift for the Holidays and my favorite supplies for gift wrapping.

Presentation is everything when it comes to gift giving. And we are going all out for the holidays! After going over all the great gift ideas listed above for that pet lover friend of yours, it’s time to plan the presentation.  Here are a few ideas for better gift-wrapping:

  • Kraft paper
  • Silk ribbons
  • Dog-inspired wrapping paper
  • Pet gift baskets

Nothing says attention to detail for your dog-loving friend like pet gift baskets, a cute silk bow and gourmet dog treats.

I find that pet gift baskets make the perfect gift for pets and humans alike. Filled with toys, blankets, and add a few extra treats for the humans too. 

Of course, it’s absolutely worth that extra thought and effort when you remember that everything gets paid back in cuteness and cuddles.

After all, pets are part of the family. Not to mention the fact that they’re happy to jump on you, give you kisses or enjoy couch snuggles whenever you come home or finish your workday (for those working at home).

In addition to basic daily needs like food, water, attention and walks, the most spoiled pups enjoy a bounty of the best toys, dog beds and accessories, so the pressure is on to give them something that stands out.

When the world gets crazy, the unconditional support and love you get from your furry BFF is sometimes the only thing that keeps you going, and he or she deserves something special in return.

The best recommendation I can give you, no matter which gift (or gifts) you choose to go with, is to tackle your holiday shopping early or try some scrapbooking holiday gift ideas to make for yourself or gift to those you love.

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