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Holiday Gift Ideas For The Teachers In Your Life

Holiday Gift Ideas For The Teachers In Your Life

The last couple of school years have been challenging for everyone involved. It’s fair to say that teachers deserve a trip to an all-inclusive resort (where they do not have to plan or grade anything). However, while you can’t give them that, you can give them a hearty “Thank you!” for everything they’ve done for the families in your community. Since you also have a lot on your plate, we’d like to make it simple. In this post, you’ll find a list of gift ideas for teachers to show your appreciation for their hard work.

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Desk with open book, red eye glasses, and a blue lamp

The Best Gifts for Teachers

Back when I was a teacher, I always appreciated kind gestures around the holidays. Christmas gifts that are meaningful and practical were my favorite kinds of gifts to receive. It was never about how fancy or expensive they were, but about being recognized by students and their families. Many teachers have personality traits and interests that come out in the classroom and it can be fun to ask your child what they notice about their teachers. Use that information to help select a great gift.

Practical gifts to use in the classroom

Teachers hardly ever get a chance to stop and breathe (or pee) throughout the day. Most classroom teachers are juggling dozens of things at a time. A practical gift says, “I see how much you are doing and want to make it a little easier for you!”

Travel Water Bottle

Staying hydrated between lessons can be a big undertaking! A large travel water bottle that stays cold for a long time is essential. As a bonus, you can ask your child to scope out their teacher’s favorite colors and order the water bottle to match.

Sticky Notepads

Sticky notes carried me through my time in the classroom. Sticky notes go everywhere and hold all the important information. They come in different sizes, colors, and prints.

Hand Cream

Teacher hands never stop working on things. And for some reason, they seem to dry out faster in the classroom than any other place. Having a nice cream on hand (pun intended) is a game-changer, especially during the winter months. Give your teacher a quick spa minute in the middle of a busy day.

Mug Warmer

Every teacher needs a way to keep his or her coffee or tea warm. Chances are, the mug is going to be set down numerous times throughout the day, so give them a way to set it down and keep it warm! This item also goes well with a personalized mug and tea assortment. 

Bluetooth speaker

Add some volume to their classroom experience with a Bluetooth speaker. These days, speakers come in so many styles you can find one that adds a fun vibe and matches their classroom. 

Wireless Charging Station

The teachers in your life are probably using electronics to create lesson plans, keep you informed and more. They have to stay charged up to stay in charge. A streamlined wireless charging station makes it easy to keep everything charged so that everyone is always prepared.

Gifts Baskets for Teachers and their families

Another nice way to celebrate the teacher in your life is by creating a gift basket for their family. Gift them a delectable basket featuring snacks or sweet treats.

If the teacher is a parent, tuck in a nice gift for their own child or children. Consider treating them to a date night out with their partner (with an added note that “papers cannot be graded on the drive!”)

Personalized Snowman Mug

Personalized gifts for teachers

If you love to add sentiment to gifts, a personalized gift is the way to go for the teacher in your life. Personalized gifts allow you to say “thank you” with a special made-to-order touch for the teacher in your life. These days you can get nearly anything personalized. Here are a few favorite customizable gifts.

Personalized Mug

A mug with their name on it is always a great gift. Bonus points if you fill it with hot chocolate mix or tea bags.


Have you ever been running late and found yourself at your car with the wrong set of keys? I have. For this reason, I love gifting keychains. You can find funny, cute and unique keychains and add initials, names or a fun phrase or decal to decorate them.

Tote Bag

Teachers carry so many things between school and home. During the school day, they’re also making sure every paper and project gets to its destination. A personalized tote bag is not only a personal gift but also a very practical one.


If you know your teacher has a tree for the holidays, a personal ornament is a sweet way to help them decorate. Personalized ornaments can highlight the teacher’s interest or something your student loves about him/her. 

Zulily Gift Card

Choosing the Right Holiday Gift for Teachers

Teachers work tirelessly to teach and serve our kids and the holidays are a great time to add an extra special “thank you” touch.

If you’re looking to honor a teacher in your life this holiday, don’t let it cause stress for you. This can be a fun time to think about the impact the teacher has had and what you know about him or her. If you do not know much about the teacher, you can give your child a couple of questions to get to know their teacher better, such as: “What is your favorite color?” or “Do you have a favorite Disney character?”

If you’re still not sure what to pick for your favorite educator, grab a Zulily eGift card and let them decide.

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