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Give Mrs. Claus the Day Off

Give Mrs. Claus the Day Off
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You did it! You made it through this year’s one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving. You’ve scrubbed the roasting pan, frozen the leftovers and packed up the turkey decorations. Before you kick into high gear as your family’s Christmas CEO (aka Mrs. Claus), you deserve a day off. We’ve got three sweet ways to give Mrs. Claus the day off. Here’s how you can rest and recharge for your busy December.

Take Time Out for Self-Care

Before you dive into all the family fun, take some time just for you. Paying attention to your own need to relax in between big holiday events is key. In truth, the happier and more relaxed you feel, the more you can give to others. So, feel empowered to enjoy that me-time. Only have an hour? Treat yourself to an at-home spa appointment. Fill your bathtub with bubbles and pour a mug of herbal tea or a glass of wine. Enjoy a long soak with a good book or some soothing tunes. Next, wrap yourself in a big, soft towel. Finally, spritz on a fabulous fragrance so that you can keep that pampered feeling all day long.

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A Christmas Gift From You…To You!

Been busy with holiday shopping? As the “Mrs. Claus” of your household, you’re used to putting your loved ones first. But, wait! You’ve likely been working harder than ever in 2020, and you deserve a special something, too. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and find a good thing to bring joy to you and your home. A festive décor item, bold new rug or green-thumb-worthy gardening can lift your Mrs. Claus spirit this season. In addition, you’ll feel good about making home an even lovelier place for the rest of your family.

Keep Holiday Traditions Cozy

The holidays are an amazing time of year yet getting it all done can seem overwhelming. Between the endless to-do lists and the “Mom let’s bake cookies” projects, it feels like both a marathon *and* a sprint. Take a deep breath and let yourself hit the pause button. Once again: Give Mrs. Claus the day off! Light a fire in the fireplace – or simply light a candle — and create a cozy oasis. Pile on the pillows, burrow under plush blankets and don’t forget to bundle yourself in all the cozy finds, like our favorites from Smartwool. Then, grab your favorite book and escape into a story for a while. Invite family members to join you, as you model self-care and smart relaxation for everyone. And, if you find yourself dozing from all that cozy? Well, that’s even better!

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The only person who can really give Mrs. Claus the day off is Mrs. Claus herself. So, now that you’ve read up on our favorite tips and tricks. Remember to make time for the “ME” in “merry” this season. To your schedule filled with shopping, baking and wrapping chores, add some well-deserved me-time. Because a merry Mrs. Claus makes for the happiest of holidays for her entire family.

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