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Mother's Day Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Mother’s Day

How To Make the Most of Your Holiday

This Mother’s Day, whether you’re celebrating for the first time as a new mom, or are taking another victory lap, we’re here to help make you feel seen, appreciated, celebrated and recognized for your efforts by reminding you that you deserve all the things you want.

Mom, you’re a big deal. You make a big deal out of everything for everyone around you. You can turn every little moment — finding the just-right back-to-school outfit, the perfect holiday gift, or an impromptu rainy-day playdate — into something special. But you know, as all moms do, that your efforts most often happen behind the scenes and sometimes go unnoticed. It’s time to claim – or reclaim – this bonus holiday all for you. Here’s how you do it.

 Prioritize Me Time

We know it’s easier said than done: take time to take care of yourself. There will always be someone else wanting your time and energy if you don’t reserve some for yourself. Though there are countless ways to do this, we recommend you start with the basics: self-care, sleep and exercise. As they say when you fly, put your oxygen mask on first. Taking care of others will be a lot easier after you’ve given yourself a boost.

Take Time for Self-Care

Candle and Crystals

Have a spa day at home

Grab your favorite candles—it’s time to create an ambiance of chill. Follow our tips to create a relaxing DIY spa for a day of pampering at home that will help you feel calmer (or hopefully at least a little less stressed).

Treat Yourself to Me Time Letterboard

Make time for yourself

When was the last time you took some “me time” to focus on you? We know it’s hard. Give yourself permission to be your number-one priority (even if it’s just for 10 minutes each day).

Get a good night’s sleep

White bed sheets with pink wall and boho home decor

Update your bedroom

Take your beauty sleep seriously. Turn your bed into an oasis of calm with this helpful guide choosing bed sheets – from thread count to fabric and materials, for your best sleep ever.

Lavender women's pajamas with slippers and wine

Create your own bedtime ritual

We all know the benefits of a good night’s sleep: better mental and physical health and more energy to handle what each day brings. These easy steps will help you create a sleep routine that’ll take your from “can’t sleep” to snoozin’ ’til sunrise.

Exercise your mind and body

Yoga mat and wheel

The yoga gear guide

Aside from making practicing yoga more accessible for all levels and bodies, the addition of helpful equipment can provide stability and give you more options to explore while you stretch and move.

Create the perfect yoga space

Yoga has the power to transform, and so does the location where you practice, even if it’s a garage or closet. Carve out your own yoga space with intention to enhance your sessions.

Go Big with Mother’s Day Brunch Plans

Brunch spread with eggs, waffles, granola and donuts

Level up your brunch

But only if someone else is cooking. Seriously mom, put the spatula down. Request one of these tasty recipes for your Mother’s Day brunch (did someone say brownie waffles?).


Sip Mimosas with a twist

Take your celebration up a notch deliciousness-wise with a twist on the classic combo of sparkling wine, orange juice and triple sec.

Have Some Fun With It

Two Black women smiling together

Spend time with friends

Build and nurture your support network. We’re all in this together, right?

Woman and child in matching outfits

Do the matchy-matchy thing

Buying matching outfits or shoes to twin with your mini is part of being a mom.

Black woman eating popcorn

Keep It Real

Watch your favorite reality shows with your ability to separate fact from fiction.

Ask for what you want and need

Think of Mother’s Day like a bonus birthday. This could mean gifts, pedicures, sleeping in, a day away from the kids, a day with no work – a day all alone? Whatever it is you want, make it clear to your partner and those who love you what you want it to be. And if that doesn’t work, treat yourself. As comedian Tina Fey said about what she wants on Mother’s Day: “I fantasize about being alone! I’d like to run away and get a hotel room so I can sit in a room by myself and eat my lunch in peace. And a Diet Sprite.”

Mom receiving gift box from son holding balloons

5 Gifts Moms Actually Want

Five ways to make this Mother’s Day memorable with gift ideas that you – or any mom in your life – would love.

Woman with flowers

Gifts for new moms

For your first Mother’s Day, it’s no longer about just celebrating the other mothers in your life on Mother’s Day; it’s now also about you being celebrated for taking on this incredibly special role.

Brunette woman holding baby

Gifts for moms returning from maternity leave

If you have a friend about to return to work after having a baby, now is a great time to think about giving gifts that can help her feel supported and encouraged.

Treat Yourself

Want to know the simplest way to get exactly what you want? Buy it for yourself. Why not? You’re worth it.

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