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Guide To The 10 Best Hair Brushes For Every Hair Type To Try

Guide To The 10 Best Hair Brushes For Every Hair Type To Try

Did you know that different hair types require different styles of hair brushes? Whether you have thin hair, thick hair, kinky hair, or limp hair, you need to consider this before purchasing hair brushes or hair brush sets 

Think about your go-to hair brush for a second. When did you purchase it? Is it made specifically for your hair type? If you’ve had the same, old hair brush for 5 years, do yourself (and your hair) a favor and throw it away ASAP. Not only is that thing collecting dirt, bacteria and oil, but it is probably damaging your hair more than you know!  

Now, try not to panic. A new hair brush is a necessity, and should be replaced every year or so (and cleaned as frequently as possible). It’s not going to break the bank to replace your hair brush, and if you get the right kind for your hair, you’ll notice a difference after the first brush…I promise! 

It can be a bit overwhelming with all of the types of hair brushes out there (round brushes, detanglers, paddle brushes, bristled brushes, oh my!), but have no fear. Here is everything you need to know about how to choose the correct hair brushes or hair brush sets for your hair type, and a complete guide to the best hair brushes to try in 2021! 

Best Hair Brushes By Hair Type

Best Hair Brush for Curly Hair

As a curly girl myself, I know that brushing your hair when it is wet can make all the difference in how your curls turn out! For this reason, the best hair brush for women with curly hair is a shower comb. Using a simple shower comb in or after the shower helps break up curls into even coils, while detangling without damaging your luscious locks.  

Haircare Tip: A wide-tooth comb with create larger curl coils, while a comb with many smaller prongs will create smaller, tighter curls.   

Best Hair Brush for Dandruff

Believe it or not, your hair brush can play a big part in whether or not you have dandruff…and how much you have! Old, abrasive hair brushes can exacerbate and even cause dandruff. A good hair brush for those with dandruff is a massage brush. Typically used in the shower, a massage brush is a rubber device meant to massage your scalp for exfoliation.  

Haircare Tip: Use an anti-dandruff shampoo, and massage it into your scalp using a massage brush for the ultimate results! 

Best Hair Brush for dry Hair

High tech hair brushes? You better believe it. There are now hair brushes that have bristles infused with particular ingredients to help with full product saturation. For those with dry hair, an oil-infused hair brush is ideal for adding moisture to your locks without making it look too greasy or soaked with product.  

Haircare Tip: Eventually, these brushes run dry of the product infusion and need to be replaced. I like to use mine every once in a while on the ends of my hair when I need an extra boost of moisture, but not every day. 

Best Hair Brush for flyaways & edges

For those teeny, little problem areas of your hair, it’s necessary to use a teeny, little brush just for your hair type. Picture a small, dense hair brush that looks similar to a toothbrush. This is the kind of hair brush you’ll want to use on your flyaways (shorter, sometimes staticky strands that stand away from the rest of your hair) and edges (the little “baby hairs” along your hairline).  

Haircare Tip: Apply a product like hairspray or smoothing cream both before and after using this hair brush for the ultimate smoothing effect. 

Best Hair Brush for unruly Hair

Does your hair seem to have a mind of its own? Trust me, you’re not alone. I battled with my unruly, kinky hair my entire life, until only recently when I discovered the unruly hair Holy Grail…keratin. Keratin is a protein found in your hair naturally, but when applied as a treatment, tames frizz, and relaxes unruly hair. Like the oil-infused hair brush I mentioned above, they now make keratin-infused hair brushes, perfect for those with hair that’s as moody as an angsty teenager.  

Haircare TipEventually, these brushes run dry of the product infusion and need to be replaced. I like to use mine every once in a while on the ends of my hair when I need an extra boost of moisture, but not every day. 

Best Hair Brush for thin, flat hair

If your hair is super-thin and seriously lacking body, a hair brush can be the only solution you’ll ever need to bring some life to your limp locks. A good hair brush for women with thin, flat, limp hair is a teasing brush! No, these hair brushes aren’t just for creating Snooki-style hair bumps. By using these brushes to tease your hair towards your scalp, you’ll be able to easily bring some life to your thin, flat hair! 

Haircare Tip: Use a teasing brush alongside some product. Use hairspray both before and after teasing for ultimate volume! 

Best Hair Brush for sensitive scalps

If going to the hair salon is like going to a torture chamber for your head, you need to tailor your haircare system to be gentle on that sensitive scalp of yours. The best hair brush for women with a sensitive scalp is a cushion brush. These hair brushes have a pillow-like base, often filled with air, that will form to your scalp while brushing to take some pressure off those evil bristles! 

Haircare Tip: Be sure to clean out the base of these brushes, as hair and bacteria can get caught in the cushion. Some brushes come with a removable base to make cleaning super easy! 

Best Hair Brush for hair that won’t grow

If your hair has suffered years (or decades) of heat damage, chances are it isn’t growing very quickly. To help remedy your damaged hair (and encourage growth), check out my post on DIY hair treatments to fix damage. And, invest in a boar hair brush. This age-old hair brush is known to stimulate circulation in the scalp, encouraging growth! 

Haircare Tip: Boar hair brushes can be on the pricy side, so do some research before purchasing, and be sure to take care of an expensive brush by cleaning it gently and often. They also make vegan versions of this hair brush!! 

Best Hair Brush for long hair

If your long, luscious mermaid locks are the pride of your life, you’ll want to invest in a paddle hair brush. The best hair brush for women with long hair is a paddle brush because the large surface area covers more ground in one stroke, and also minimizes static that can often plague long hair. 

Haircare Tip: These large hair brushes need to be cleaned frequently, and replaced every year or so.  

Best Hair Brush for short hair

Bobs and “lobs” (long bobs) are trendy for spring and summer this year! The best hair brush for women with short hair is a small (dare I say, TINY) round brush. Small, round brushes are ideal for styling short hair with a blow dryer.  

Haircare Tip: These small, round brushes are also great for taming tiny problem areas like kinky roots or dead ends. 

Whether your hair is long, short, thick, thin, limp, or unruly, there’s a hair brush out there for you. Choosing the right hair brush for your hair type can make or break any hair style! 

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