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Holiday Baking Recipes to Gift, Wrap and Deliver this Season

Holiday Baking Recipes to Gift, Wrap and Deliver this Season

We can practically hear the sleigh bells ringing. The holidays are everywhere you go, and baking cookies, cakes and other treats is one of my favorite things about this time of the year.  We’ve gathered a list of wonderful holiday baking recipes to make and gift this season, along with and wrapping and delivery tips to take them from your oven to the recipient in style.

Make your holiday countdown the most indulgent one yet by trying one (or many!) of these easy and delicious recipes. Check out our incredible Christmas cookies, candies, and cakes. Want to keep it easy? Our no-bake holiday desserts are just what you need.

Whether you are planning winter baking recipes for a gathering this year or as a gift for a special someone, we are sure you’ll love this list.

Chocolate Almond Bark

Peppermint bark is an easy, delicious, and fast winter treat. This holiday dessert typically uses ready-made chocolate almond bark for the base, but you can make your own bark using white and/or dark chocolate if you prefer.   Melt your almond bark carefully and spread into your lined baking tin; immediately top the whole thing with crushed candy canes for a beautiful red and white delight, and pop in the fridge or freezer to firm up. For other chocolate bark ideas check out this sweet and salty double chocolate bark recipe and this tropical mango granola chocolate bark recipe both amazing and a variation of flavors for the traditional peppermint bark.

Cobblers and Crisps 

Apples and cinnamon are as comforting as it gets. We’ve all had that one apple pie that sticks with us. But sometimes you don’t have time to make a whole pie. Apple crisp combines all those amazing fall flavors we love in an easy and warm dessert.  Simply chop your apples and mix them with some sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice. That gets topped with a quick crisp topping made with butter, flour, oats, and brown sugar. You can leave the oats out, but I love the texture they add to the crisp. Everything gets baked together, and you can have this hot and on the table in an hour.  One of my favorite cobblers or crisps recipes is this berries, walnuts, and oats crumble cobbler recipe. It’s tangy, sweet, nutty and perfection in every bite!

Gear Up with Bakeware

Shop our bakeware that will take your holiday baking to sweet new levels.


Golden, buttery pastry. Bubbling, sweet fruit. A generous dollop of cream (or ice cream!) on top — and coffee on the side. Is there anything more delicious? Some of our favorite pies include this apple caramel crumb pie — and this rustic apple tart makes for an even easier holiday dessert. Plus, pies and tarts travel well for a holiday gift or holiday gathering.  Or, try your hand at a winter classic, pecan pie—a flaky, buttery crust filled with an abundance of sugary pecans. If you love pecan pie you will definitely love this chocolate pecan pie recipe. The combination of chocolate and pecans is rich and nutty making it a winner in every holiday gathering.

Homemade Marshmallows

DIY marshmallows make excellent toppings for everything from sundaes to hot cocoa. And they’re easily adaptable, too. Add some peppermint extract or cut them into fun shapes (mini gingerbread people, perhaps?) for some seasonal flair. If peppermint isn’t your thing, you can add any flavor of your choice, such as in this homemade strawberry swirl marshmallow recipe.

No-Bake Cheesecake

The only downside to a cheesecake is how long it takes to bake and how fussy it can be (water bath? no thank you!). A no-bake cheesecake takes all the stress away. Plus, it takes about half the time to make and is a perfect option when your oven is occupied. Like these no-bake dairy-free cheesecakes, or this no-bake cheesecake with strawberries.

Though extremely easy you will end up with an elegant dessert fit for a dinner party.

How to wrap and ship baked goods for freshness

Wrapping baked goods for shipping or delivery can be tricky, as you want to preserve their freshness and make sure they will travel well. You may be wrapping baked goods to give as a gift, to mail to a friend, or to simply keep them fresh so you can enjoy them at home. To wrap baked goods, you should select the type of wrapping that’s best for the baked goods, and, though it sounds obvious, you’ll want to wrap the baked goods properly. You can also then decorate the wrapping for some added fun.


Soft and chewy cookies are a favorite for kids and adults alike — not only for the holidays, but year-round, too. From pure vanilla cookies to chocolate cookies, to those with multiple toppings like nuts and elaborate decorations, the options are endless, but here are a couple of our favorites. Chocolate crinkle cookies are delicious and almost look like it’s covered in snow, making it the perfect addition to any holiday party. Try a soft molasses cookie! They are quite similar to a gingersnap cookie, the difference being their texture. These cookies are soft and tender. Grab our favorite molasses cookie recipe here. Now that you have a handful of holiday desserts in mind it’s time to get baking. When it comes to choosing the perfect Christmas gifts, you really can’t go wrong with something that comes from the heart. And what better way to show your loved ones just how much you care than with a homemade treat. Whether you’re looking for something personal to give your best friend, a DIY gift for Mom, or a creative stocking stuffer that won’t break the bank, these edible Christmas gifts will cover everyone on your list.

Step 1: Allow the baked goods to cool to room temperature

Before you wrap the goodies, it is important that you allow them to cool on a cooling rack to ensure they cool properly. Allow them to come to room temperature so they no longer give off steam.

Step 2: Wrap treats individually or whole

Once the baked goods have come to room temperature, they can be wrapped in your wrapping of choice. If you are wrapping baked goods like cookies or cupcakes, you may wrap them individually, so they are single servings. If you are wrapping a cake, you may wrap it whole so it can then be cut once it is opened.

Wondering what to use to wrap your baked goods? Here are some tips

Plastic wrap: You can wrap individual cookies or a small stack of cookies, muffins, and scones.

Plastic cellophane treat bags: These are great for stacks of scones, cookies, and for individual decorated cookies like sugar cookies. Tie them with a ribbon or baker’s string.

Press & Seal: This is the best product for wrapping cakes, and pies. It’s so easy to use and I have honestly found that it keeps my food fresher. If the cake or cupcakes are decorated with frosting, we recommend freezing them before shipping. Also find a container or tin where the cake or cupcakes can be placed before packaging. This will ensure the sweets will arrive intact and fresh.

Foil: This is a great option for no-bake cheesecakes. It is easier than plastic wrap and less messy too.

Step 3: Make sure everything is sealed tight in the wrapping

Once you have wrapped the baked goods, make sure they are sealed tightly. If you are using a wax bag, a cellophane bag, or butcher paper, you will need to secure the wrapping with tape. Use some fun holiday washi tape to make it more festive.

step 4: Make it pretty

Presentation is everything when giving a gift, whether it’s homemade or not. Grab decorated boxes or decorated tin cans for each gift. Add ribbons, bows, a lovely card or note. Gift giving does not have to feel complicated, make it fun and warm for the recipient.

step 5: Box and Ship your baked goods

If you are planning to ship the baked goods, you should bake and prepare them the same day you are mailing. You can also bake your goods, freeze and mail frozen. Once frozen, the baked goods should be packaged with dry ice packs to keep it cool in transit. Another option is to use gel ice packs if dry ice is not available.
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