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Holiday-Perfect – But Not Holiday-Specific – Clothing for Girls

Holiday-Perfect – But Not Holiday-Specific – Clothing for Girls

I love being a girl mom, and while I’ve tried to let my 4-year-old daughter have a say in what she wears, I have to say I’m glad that (at least for now!) she’s all in when it comes to dresses, fun patterns, hair bows – the works. (She’s also very into matching with me when it comes to clothes, which makes me so very happy. I’m aware that preference won’t last forever, so I’m going with it while she’s on board.)

Because my daughter, Maggie, is a definitive girlie girl fashion wise, we love the brand Millie Loves Lily, and it’s been a fun find in particular for holiday- and occasion-based outfits. While many of their pieces are either adorable solids or fun prints that would work just about any time of year, they have tons of options that work really well for more specific times, too. And another thing I love is that Millie Loves Lily was founded by women and the clothes are designed by women which is such a great message to share with my little girl who loves wearing Millie Loves Lily.

Here are some examples of what I mean about Millie Loves Lily being great for different occasions throughout the year, but also being able to extend far beyond a specific holiday or event:

4th of july

This adorable dress is one your daughter can live in during the spring and summer months and pair with some leggings to extend into the fall, too. But come the 4th of July, pair this dress with some red and/or white accessories (like a cute hair bow, shoes, etc.), and let the patriotic vibes shine through!

This is another oh-so cute and patriotic dress thanks to its color scheme, but it’s not so “4th of July” that it can only be worn then. It comes in a romper version, too! (Oh, and little side note: Maggie has trouble remembering the word “romper,” and she calls rompers “hampers” instead. It’s adorable every time! I try to remember to jot things like that down so I’ll remember in the coming years all those cute things she said.)

Back to school

I love this sweet dress, which sends a beautifully inclusive message while also just being really cute. Your daughter will love wearing this any time, and it would also make for the perfect first day of school outfit in the fall! (You can hold off on the leggings and pair it with bike shorts under it as a dress OR go with this short-sleeved dress option if it’s still a bit warm when school starts.)

Valentine’s Day

If your daughter is anything like mine, she’ll love wearing hearts any time, so this long-sleeved dress is sure to get lots of use during the fall and winter. But then, come February 14, she’ll also have a perfect-for-Valentine’s Day option, too!

This is a second Valentine’s Day outfit that you and your daughter will love all through the fall and winter but can pull out on February 14 to be extra festive.

St. Patrick’s Day

To me, this dress just feels nice and springy – especially since it includes pops of pink clover flowers amidst the green – but how cute would it be to celebrate St. Patty’s Day, too?

Be sure to take a look at all of the Millie Loves Lily styles on Zulily. There are SO many cute pieces to choose from, and I’m guessing you’ll have a hard time narrowing down your wish list. (That’s always my problem, at least!) From bathing suits to rain coats to dresses to rompers and more, this is really becoming a go-to brand for our family.

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