5 Tips to Create Your Best Bookshelf

Vintage-inspired staging with brass winged pig, old books and windup clock

Bookshelves… Everyone’s got ’em, and they run the gamut from heirloom antique pieces to built-ins to DIY workhorses. Of course, you can stack every shelf with books. But this basic home furnishing component can be a little — or a lot — more than just a warehous for favorite pages. Transform those ledges into your best bookshelf, and a major décor asset.


That Farmhouse Feeling: Furniture & Decor

Rustic wood sidetable with weathered farmhouse feeling accent decor

Farmhouse decor isn’t just for the country anymore. This rustic and inviting design style surprises from behind the front doors of city condos, suburban family homes and, of course, places with acreage too. A few choice pieces can give your space a whole lot of farmhouse feeling. Here’s how to begin your rustic home makeover at any price point. It’s as easy as one-two-three.

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Trays Three Ways

Wood cheese tray with floral design, cheese, olives and grapes

Serveware with Function and Flair

The humble tray can seem so simple — dare we say square? — but one quickly comes to realize its versatility and charm. Read on to discover just three of many ways this singular piece goes from tray one day to treasure the next. Trays are great problem-solvers for busy households, too. Let’s begin in the heart of your home…

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