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1,000 Moms Say This is What Their Home Needs

1,000 Moms Say This is What Their Home Needs

Zulily’s first ever Home Trend Report reveals what moms really want when designing and decorating their homes.

Decorating your home isn’t exclusively about creating the perfect aesthetic, especially for busy moms and families. For moms, home design is more heavily weighted to focus on intuitiveness, efficiency, and organization within the most frequented places and corners of the home. Zulily wants to help moms discover a home that has visual appeal but is most importantly designed and organized for real life – a real home that’s lived in, worked in, played in, and messed up from time to time.

That’s why Zulily launched its first annual Home Trend Report to offer design insights and inspiration for what’s most important to moms. Informed by a new, nationwide survey of 1,000 moms, the report outlines a Head & Home Space Quotient, which explores the psychology driving home design and purchases and top of mind insights that inspire productivity, mindfulness and togetherness at home.

For Mom, it’s more about the intersection of how her home makes her feel and what it’s designed to do than just being about aesthetics. We’re helping moms everywhere understand the why behind certain home design choices and purchases so they can achieve a home that’s more approachable, realistic, and helpful.

Below, our home style experts have curated a list of top-selling products that cater to needs and insights that came straight from those who know their homes best: moms. Our goal is simple – to help mom transform her home into a place that invites more of what she told us she was looking for.

Productivity: Eliminating The Junk Drawer Jitters

Messy and disorganized spaces can be de-motivating and anxiety inducing. Maybe its kids throwing clothes or toys back into their closets, putting everything and anything into that drawer in your kitchen, or tossing random stuff into the nearest closet when unexpected guests show up (44% of moms admit to doing it!). Whatever it may be, 70% of moms admit that the small spaces of her home become inundated with clutter. This can lead to stress, unproductive days, and wasted time, aka the junk drawer jitters, which 68% of moms experience.

Productivity Moodboard | Zulily Home Index

Zulily’s Home & Style Expert, Kate Aulabaugh, shared her key products and tips to help you get the junk drawer jitters under control and help moms feel motivated again.

  • Start by organizing the spaces that give you the junk drawer jitters – small drawers, closets, cabinets. A few simple products can transform the space and keep you organized – say goodbye to those junk drawer jitters!
  • You’re busy enough – give yourself some time back with these popular time-saving products for your kitchen, taking the stress out of meal prep (which moms ranked as their most time-consuming activity at home!).
  • Pick products that will last (durability was ranked as the most important factor when it comes to shopping for the home) and can keep up with the hustle and bustle of your family, so you can keep moving!

Mindfulness: Creating Serene Spaces

Out of all the time spent at home with her family, mom ranked her own bedtime (34%) as the most relaxing time of her day but admits that her room could benefit from a greater sense of calm. It’s time to transform the bedroom. The space for her. The calm at the end of the chaotic day. Mom’s personal retreat. Whether it be new soft lighting, the comfiest throw blanket you have ever touched or pops of soothing colors throughout the room, give mom’s “me time” a space it deserves.

Mindfulness Moodboard | Zulily Home Index

According Zulily’s survey, moms also admitted that their living rooms could benefit from a greater sense of peace as well. Adding in color, lighting and cozy rugs can soften this space, making them comfier for the entire family. Did someone say movie night?!

  • Colors can transform any space. In fact, colors were listed as the most important element when it comes to creating calm at home. But don’t worry – no need to get the rollers and paint cans out. You can easily add colors into your space with home decor accents!
  • Set the mood with warm lighting in spaces you’re most likely to kick back and relax, such as the bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Nothing says mindfulness like a little self-care at home spa-night: 25% of moms told us that their bathroom could benefit from a sense of calm and that scent was one of the most important elements to do so. Get yourself a relaxing-scented candle from the Beauty & Wellness Shop to get your calm on.

Togetherness: A ‘YARD’ Act to Follow

After a year of social distancing and being apart, 77% of moms are planning to entertain guests at their home this year and most are feeling the heat this summer to impress guests with their outdoor space – this area ranked as the space most likely to get a “revamp” before entertaining this year. Time for some patio love! 

Togetherness Moodboard  | Zulily Home Index

Start with seating. Thirty-one percent of moms want enough seating for their guests, so everyone feels comfortable. But creating a sense of togetherness and reconnection isn’t all about the practical elements! In fact, most moms (58%) told us they are feeling more pressure this summer to have an impressive outdoor space compared to prior years. Outdoor plants, décor and lighting can help create the ambiance you’re looking for and turn your space into one you can’t wait to show off, making it a ‘yard’ act to follow!

  • Create a comfortable seating area with patio furniture, so everyone can sit in one place and spend that much-missed quality time together. Opt for a couch set or larger dining table and chairs.
  • When entertaining, your time should be spent with your guests, not worried about the cooler or decorating a table for your spread – which is likely why mom ranked spending time with the people you love and having delicious food and drink options as the #2 and #3 most important factors when it comes to outdoor entertaining.
  • Plants, décor, and beautiful lights are essential to creating an outdoor sanctuary perfect for entertaining guests. Plants can make the space come to life with greenery (no garden necessary), while string lights, waterproof rugs and accent pillows in bold colors can brighten the space for nighttime entertaining. In fact, lighting was found to be one of the most important factors by moms for an outdoor space.

For more inspiration for your own home, check out Zulily’s Organization Shop and Bed & Bath Shop for all of your needs.

Methodology: The Head & Home Space Quotient was based on a Pollfish survey of 1,000 U.S. based moms, ages 18+. The survey was fielded in May 2021.

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