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5 Homemade Gifts for Mom Made By Kids

5 Homemade Gifts for Mom Made By Kids

Do you have a rockstar mom or mom-figure in your life and want to make something extra special to let them know you’re thinking of them?

I love showering the influential people in my life with thoughtful gifts. It’s even more meaningful when they can be handmade with love! I am thrilled to have passed that trait to my children who are always making the best gifts for mom to show me how much they love me.

Being a mom myself, of course we love anything our kids make, however I can also relate to having one too many macaroni necklaces around my neck. I’ve put together a few ideas of gifts for mom that kids can make (with a little help!) and mom will absolutely adore.

1. Tea Towels

Printed tea towels are a tastefully beautiful gift for mom that she can proudly display in the kitchen. Choose paint colors that complement existing home decor!  

Potato Print Craft
You will need:  
  • Plain flour sack towels aka “tea towels”  
  • Acrylic paint or fabric paint 
  • Paint brush 
  • Potatoes or citrus fruit  

Step 1: Lay a plain white flour sack towel on a flat surface.  

Step 2: Cut a potato or citrus fruit in half and use it as an acrylic paint stamp! Citrus fruit makes beautifully naturally variegated print.  

A cut potato can be used to make uniform polka dots. Another option is to trace a shape on the potato and have an adult use a sharp knife to cut out the negative space around it.  Some stamp ideas include a star, leaf, heart, dashed line, or tree. 

Step 3: Brush paint onto the flat surface (as opposed to dipping which can create a big paint blob). If you want to create a watercolor-style print, add 1-2 drops of water to your paint. 

Step 4: Allow paint to dry.  

Step 5: Machine wash in cold water and dry in low/medium heat to soften the paint and towel.  

2. Tissue Paper Decoupage Vase

A colorful tissue paper vase is a beautiful decoupage craft that kids can make for mom to give her a place for flowers, pens, makeup brushes, or cooking utensils!

You will need:
  • An empty jar with the label removed 
  • Tissue paper 
  • Mod Podge or other clear glue
  • Foam or paint brush 

Step 1: Cut or tear tissue paper into small squares or other shapes. 

Step 2: Brush Mod Podge or other clear glue to a small area on the outside of the jar and apply pieces of tissue paper. Mix colors or create a more intentional pattern. Overlap or space out.  

Step 3: You can gently brush another layer of Mod Podge to flatten the tissue paper if needed.   

Step 4: Move on to a new area and repeat.  

Step 5: Once finished, apply another layer of Mod Podge to seal the tissue paper.  

Step 6: Let dry and add flowers! 

3. Portrait Key-Chain Charm Craft 

Give mom artwork to go! This handheld keepsake is a sweet and sentimental gift for mom so she can take her children’s adorable drawing or handwritten name with her wherever she goes! 

You Will Need:  
  • Shrinky Dink plastic or #6 recycled plastic 
  • Permanent markers  
  • Key chain ring  
  • Scissors  
  • Hole Punch 
  • Baking sheet  
  • Parchment paper or foil 

Step 1: Preheat oven to 350°F. (You may want to open a window due to baking plastic.)

Step 2: Have your child draw a family portrait, their name, “Mom”, a heart, or any other meaningful art with permanent marker on shrinky dink or #6 plastic. You should expect that it will shrink to about ⅓ of its original size.  

Step 3: Cut out the artwork and make a hole using a hole punch.  

Step 4: Place plastic on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or foil. 

Step 5: Put plastic in the oven for 1-3 minutes. Plastic will curl up before flattening out again.  

Step 6: Remove baking sheet from oven. (Aim to remove it about 20-30 seconds after the plastic flattens itself)  

Step 7: If any edges are curled, you can hold a spatula over the plastic to flatten them down while it’s still warm.  

Step 8: Once cool, add the key chain ring to create a fun art-piece mom can take on the go! 

4. Nail Polish Watercolor Mug

I don’t know any moms that will turn down a cup of coffee – especially one this pretty! This beautiful process art mug is a spin on a traditionally gifted “Mom” mug and will leave mom reaching for it every morning. Note that you’re going to want to move through these steps rather quickly for the best results.

You will need:  
  • Plain white coffee mug 
  • Nail polish  
  • Hot Water  
  • Large container (it will likely be ruined so something disposable is a great option)
  • Toothpick  
  • Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge or clear glue
  • Nail polish remover and cotton swab or ball

Step 1: Fill a large container with hot water  

Step 2: With the nailpolish bottle opening close to the water, slowly pour trails of nailpolish onto the surface of the hot water. Add one or more colors. 

Step 3: Using a toothpick, gently swirl the nailpolish that is on the surface of the water.  

Step 4: Slowly dip the mug in and straight back out of the water. You can experiment with dipping it in straight down or tilted and how deep it goes into the water. Avoid nailpolish along the top inch or so of the mug to avoid the area that the mouth touches.  

Step 5: Rest the mug upside down to dry.  

Step 6: Any mistakes can be erased with nailpolish remover (or erase it all and start again!)  

Step 7: Seal with dishwasher safe Mod Podge or other clear glue. 


5. Bath Scrub

Kids can mix up a relaxing gift for mom with this easy DIY bath scrub recipe. This makes a large batch so feel free to modify it to a smaller batch using a 2:1 ratio if desired. 

You Will Need:  
  • 2 cups coconut oil  
  • 1 cup epsom salt  
  • Essential oil (optional) – a relaxing lavender scent is a great choice!  
  • Air tight jar or container (the DIY tissue paper jar above would make a perfect choice!) 
  • Stand mixer 

Step 1: In a stand mixer combine 2 cups of coconut oil with 1 cup epsom salt. If mixing by hand, you may want to soften the coconut oil in the microwave before stirring in the salt.  

Step 2: Add 10-20 drops of essential oil.  

Step 3: Scoop into the jar and seal tightly until ready to use! 

We know mom will absolutely love her homemade gift! Visit the Craft & DIY Shop to stock up on craft supplies to complete these projects and more. 

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