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How Laughter Makes Life Better

How Laughter Makes Life Better

Laughter is something we have in common with everyone and all need more of. Even infants laugh out loud within mere months of being born.

If we’re being honest, life — especially as a mother — is occasionally absurd and often hilarious. There’s always some substance spilling on us; shoes are being thrown in midair; baffling arguments occur at the most inopportune moments; and kids are breaking out into song to music that doesn’t exist. It’s basically a comedy of errors at all times.

The secret ingredient to developing your sense of humor is learning to take yourself — and anyone else — less seriously and laughing at your own mistakes. By observing the ridiculousness of your life and letting the energy that generates work its magic, your lowest moments might even crack you up. They say that tragedy plus time equals comedy. Well, we’re all about finding the funny in everyday life, and the sooner we can do that, the better.

They also say that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter has numerous clinically proven potential health benefits, including (but not limited to): relaxing muscles, aiding circulation, lowering anxiety, releasing tension, improving mood and fostering resilience. Humor is cathartic and can even help you manage stress! Plus, laughter is contagious. The more people around you who are laughing, the funnier things seem to be.

How to add more laughter to your life

Surround yourself with whatever cracks you up or at least reminds you to keep it light. Humorous objects can be placed strategically around your living and workspace to make you laugh, for a nearly effortless way to make sure you’re getting all the benefits of laughter throughout your day.

Funny graphic tees

A silly graphic tee can communicate your sense of humor to the world. A comfy tee with a sidesplitting saying or ridiculous image may lead to a connection with a stranger, for example, who might give you a subtle nod of recognition in the grocery store aisle… or lead to an ironically sarcastic or a DM with an old friend who agrees that yes, Chandler is the best character on Friends.

Goofy mugs

If you’re not drinking your morning coffee out of a cheeky mug, what are you even doing? From a winking “Um, you know this isn’t coffee in here, right?” to a “sleepy mom juice” theme, there are plenty of clever sayings that can match your humor (and lift you and others up).

Hilarious home goods

Another way to bring laughter into your life is by adding home décor that makes you giggle. Like a display a kitchen towel with a ridiculous quote on it. Get a kick out of every meal with kitchen essentials decked out in witty observations. Post funny stickers, magnets, postcards or signs on your fridge. If it makes you laugh, then you should get it and put it out there. Coffee table books that make you LOL? Yep. Candles with sassy sayings? Yes, definitely.

Game night

Family or friend game night can often make you laugh so hard your sides hurt. Try making up your own rules to one of your favorite games, like “fake words-only” Scrabble, or inappropriate Pictionary.

Frame your funnies

Next time you take family photos or snaps with your besties, make sure you do a few silly poses, then frame those that bring you the most joy. At the time, it might seem weird, but it will surely make you laugh later, seeing all your goofy faces having fun together..

Well Bless Your Heart Mid-West Humor Graphic Tee
Calm the F down candle

More ways to find humor in everyday life

  • Watch a comedy movie or stand-up special, a hilarious TV show or a ridiculous YouTube video compilation.
  • Read a funny book or listen to an offbeat podcast.
  • Share a joke or a humorous story with a friend.
  • Host game night with friends (you can even do this remotely).
  • Play with a pet. Laser pointers make cats go bonkers.
  • Goof around with the kids. Or let them put on a show for you.
  • Make funny TikTok videos or other off-the-wall content (you don’t have to publish).
  • Make time for a silly activity like miniature golfing, playing charades or karaoke.
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