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How To Make A DIY Flower Crown

How To Make A DIY Flower Crown

Whether you would like to create a DIY flower crown for a special day or to simply channel your inner flower child, below you will find two easy methods to create your own crown of flowers. A DIY flower crown is a fun accessory to add to any occasion and easily customizable for any season or flower.

From styling a photo session to accessorizing bridal parties to insta-worthy snapshots; adding a flower crown is a unique and crafty way to instantly turn up the style factor!

Begin by choosing a color palette, a favorite bloom, or an overall vibe. Big, bright, and bold or dainty and ethereal – which type of crown will you design? Follow these instructions to learn how to create a woven or wired DIY flower crown of your own.

Woven Wildflower Flower Crown

By learning this simple weaving technique, you can create a long chain of flowers to make a beautiful flower crown. It is a simple design that you can do anytime almost anywhere because the only supply you need are flowers!

First, you will want to collect flowers to use for your crown. This casual, boho flower crown works best with wildflowers that have long, flexible stems. Daisies, dandelions, or clover are all easy-to-find choices that will work well for this woven DIY flower crown. Pick the flower as close to the ground as possible so that you have long stems to work with.  

Once you have a collection of flowers, choose one with a long stem to begin the chain. Hold this flower horizontally with the stem (stem A) pointing to the right. You will start the crown by resting the following flower B vertically across the first stem, creating a +. Slide the second flower (flower B) down until the flower touches the horizontal stem A. Flowers A and B will be touching.  

Hold flower B in place as you loop the vertical stem B upwards behind the horizontal stem A and then bring it forward between the two flowers. Pull stem B across itself under flower B and rests horizontally along with Stem A.  

The rest of the chain continues in the same fashion. Flower C lays next to B and on top of stems A and B, creating a plus sign (+). While holding the flower in place, loop stem C under and behind stems A and B. Bring it back between flowers B and C. Finally, it crosses over itself and is gathered horizontally along with stems A and B.  

As you add more flowers, you will continue to gather the stems, creating a thick base for your flower crown. Repeat this process until a long flower chain forms. Once it is long enough to fit around your head, weave the remaining group of stems into the beginning of the chain to create a crown. If done successfully, the flowers should all be facing the opposite direction of the woven base but you can adjust as needed. Additional greenery or blooms can be added to the crown if desired by weaving their stems into the completed woven base.  

Wired Flower Crown

This style of DIY flower crown provides a more sturdy base than the above-woven wildflower floral crown and is suited to use with a wide variety of faux or real blooms! It is possible to create a larger, more intricate design using this simple method.  

The supplies needed to make a wired floral crown are wire, floral tape, scissors, and, of course, a selection of real or artificial flowers

Fabric covered or vined floral wire are two great choices for flower crown wire and will help to create a seamless look.  

In general, the flowers you choose should be a combination of large statement blooms, smaller fillers, and greenery. Combining all three elements will create a balanced and cohesive piece. The beauty of creating a floral crown is that you can easily create different looks by adding more or less of any of these elements. With a little vision and creativity, it will become a work of art in no time at all! 

Start the flower crown by looping the wire into a circle that comfortably fits the circumference of the intended wearer’s head. Overlap the ends by about 4 inches and trim. Wrap the ends of the wire together and secure the circle with floral tape.  

Next, begin securing greenery around the wire to create the base of your crown. Lay the stem along the wire and simply wrap them both together with a piece of floral tape. 

Trim your flowers’ stems to 2-3” long and remove any excess leaves. Begin securing the stems to the wire with floral tape, alternating statement, and filler flowers as you work your way around the crown. Overlap the flowers as you go to hide any stems and wire.  

For a fuller-looking crown, start by creating small bundles of flowers by arranging a variety of 3-4 different sizes and types of bloom per bunch. Wrap the stems with floral tape to secure the small bundle together. Next, secure the entire bunch to the wire using floral tape. Continue filling up the wire by attaching these smaller bundles. Overlap to hide any of the previous stems. 

If using real flowers, keep your flower crown in the refrigerator to keep it looking fresh until ready to wear. Spritz with water before wearing to revive the blooms. Depending on the hardiness of flowers used, your crown can stay looking its best for up to a week. 

I hope you feel inspired to create a beautiful DIY flower crown following these instructions. Now put on your crown like the queen you are and enjoy your day! 

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