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How To Pack Healthy Snacks For Kids (and Moms) on the Go 

How To Pack Healthy Snacks For Kids (and Moms) on the Go 

A typical day in my life as a single mom is packed full of school drop-offs and pick-ups, running endless errands, managing a home business, attending after-school activities and doing grocery shopping. This parenting gig is crazy, am I right? Because my kids and I are always on the go, I don’t always have healthy snacks for kids readily available. I need them for times when my kid hasn’t eaten their whole school lunch, gets home later than our usual dinnertime, or simply because we need fuel to tackle the day.  

I learned this the hard way when I was a new mom and had a very irritable and hungry preschooler in public, that had all heads turning toward us. You only need to experience this once to never want to have it happen again! Also, moms need snacks, too. We require an energy boost so we can keep on truckin’ through our busy schedules and take care of our beautiful kiddos. 

While it’s easy to pack not-so-healthy snacks that come in pre-packaged bags, it’s not always the best move to do so on a regular basis. Packing healthy snacks may seem difficult but I promise it isn’t that tough. In the end, it’s worth the effort. Today I’m sharing some healthy snack options for moms and kids who are always on the go and how to pack them. 

How to Pack Snacks To Go

Before we get into healthy snacks, let’s talk about simple ways to store snacks. These methods can be used for school, work, travel, or any time you need an extra bite to eat.

Plastic snack baggies

This is probably the most-used method for parents, since it’s easy to portion out snacks using them. You can place them into a purse or bag, then toss them into the garbage can when you’re done (unless you’re like my grandmother who would wash them and use them again). The only downside to single-use plastic bags is that they create more waste than reusable options.

Reusable snack bags

Reusable snack bags that can be washed and reused countless times are a great option to reduce waste when packing snacks. They also come in fun prints and colors.

Insulated cooler bags

For snacks that need to stay cold, like veggies and fruits, insulated bags are a great option. Adding an ice pack to the bag can also ensure that snacks stay colder longer.

Plastic, silicone or metal snack containers

If you plan on packing several snacks –  especially items like blueberries or hard boiled eggs that won’t hod up well jostling around in a diaper bag or a purse – a plastic or silicone snack container with a lid may be the perfect way to store them. Even a fun bento box-style container that has separate food spaces would work for storing various snacks. Read Jessica Woo’s tips for packing bento boxes.

Reusable flatware, snack storage, and beeswax wraps

Healthy snacks for the whole family

The snacks below are focused on healthy protein boosts, as well as easy-to-prepare vegetables and fruits to help energize the whole family. And, they also travel pretty well. Also, keep in mind that some of these snacks may not be appropriate for toddlers or preschoolers quite yet, as well as those with nut or other food allergies.

Non-Refrigerated Snacks:

  1. Nuts
  2. Raisins
  3. Beef jerky
  4. Trail mix
  5. Protein bars
  6. Yogurt-covered raisins
  7. Granola bars
  8. Whole-wheat crackers (can add any nut butter)
  9. Squeezable applesauce
  10. Natural fruit leather
  11. Rice puffs
  12. Whole-wheat crackers (can add any nut butter, if no allergies are present)

Refrigerated Snacks:

  1. Hard-boiled eggs
  2. Granola bars
  3. Celery sticks
  4. Carrot sticks
  5. Grapes (frozen grapes are yummy, too!)
  6. Squeezable yogurt
  7. String cheese
  8. Apple slices
  9. Rolled-up turkey with cheese slices
  10. Yogurt-covered raisins

I hope these snack ideas inspire you to pack healthier options for yourself and your children. With a little planning, effort, and the right packing supplies, you’ll have yummy snacks at you and your kids’ fingertips. 

Happy snacking! 

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