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Ideas for Easy Halloween Costumes

Ideas for Easy Halloween Costumes

Halloween may look different this year (thanks, COVID), but you and the kids can still get dressed up!  

Tips for Easy Halloween Costumes

Check out these tips and ideas for easy Halloween costumes, some of which use items you may already have at home. 


Halloween costumes do not have to be elaborate. Character pajamas make great simple Halloween costumes. Two years ago we dressed my daughter as Thor, but instead of buying a high-priced traditional costume, I bought character PJs. There was even a cape! She wore it as a costume on Halloween and then as pajamas for the rest of the fall and winter seasons. You can also create cute, easy Halloween costumes out of character jackets and hoodies.

Uniforms/Dance Recital Costumes

One of the best places to find quick and easy Halloween costumes is your closet. Old sports uniforms or dance recital costumes make the perfect easy Halloween costumes. One year, I dressed as a bobbysoxer in my dance recital dress and my Dad’s high school letter jacket. With a little face paint, you can turn last season’s soccer uniform into a zombie soccer player.

Household Staples

Think about the everyday things you have lying around. If you hang yarn or crepe paper from an umbrella, you can be a jellyfish. Pair a furry-collared coat with a brown shirt or dress, and you are a bear. Grab colorful pom-poms from your arts and crafts supplies, glue them onto a white shirt, and you are a gumball machine. A plastic tablecloth and some construction paper shapes combine to make a robot. Or wrap a headband in aluminum foil for alien antennae.

Cardboard Boxes

Still have cardboard boxes from all that online shopping you did at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic? Turn the boxes into super easy Halloween costumes. In middle school, my Halloween costume was a dice: cardboard box painted white with black dots, worn with a white sweatshirt and black pants underneath. You can also transform a box into an airplane, rocket ship, racecar, or robot. Kids will love painting and decorating their costume boxes.

Any of these easy Halloween costumes would work for kids as well as adults. Even if you can’t go trick-or-treating this year, you can still get creative and have fun putting together your own easy homemade Halloween costumes!


Laurie Leahey

Laurie Leahey is a Midwest transplant living on the East Coast with her triangle family: mommy, daddy, and daughter. She is a passionate toy and baby gear product review writer for and writes about crafting, gluten-free food, books, and #momlife at her blog, When not writing and blogging, you can find her in her craft room trying to get caught up on scrapbooking all the photos she takes.

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