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Indoor Plants 101

Indoor Plants 101

Ready to adopt a few indoor plants to liven your indoor space? Find the right plants for you with our Indoor Plants 101 Guide! 

Wondering what indoor plants to buy for your new home? Here’s an ultimate guide to best indoor plants you can buy and how to take care of them.  

Lately, all of my friends are filling their homes with indoor plants. From cacti to jade and ferns to spider plants, everyone in my life is all about indoor greenery. I have friends who have aloe plants in their kitchens and cacti in their entryway. I see spider plants hang from curtain rods in front of windows and leafy ferns standing tall in living room corners. Indoor plants are on trend right now, and not just because they add a pop of color to your décor. 

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

It turns out that indoor plants, in addition to being gorgeous to look at, are actually good to have around, too! According to this article, indoor plants: 

  • Help improve the air quality in your home. 
  • Boost your mood and help lessen worry and anxiety. 
  • Aid in your overall health, allowing you to take fewer sick days. 

In case you needed more reasons to gather indoor plants for every room in your house, I think those are a couple of great ones! 

Indoor Plants 101 

If you’re thinking about picking up a few at your local grocery or plant store but don’t know where to start, there are a few key considerations you should take before hauling home as many plants as you can fit in your trunk. 

  1. How much natural light does your home receive? If you plan to place most of your new indoor plants in darker spaces or corners, make sure you pick plants that don’t need a lot of sunlight. If you have lots of window sills with loads of natural light, grab a bunch of plants that thrive in the sun! 
  2. How good are you at remembering to water plants? If you’re a fairly new indoor plant owner, you may want to start out with a plant or two that doesn’t need to be watered everyday while you get used to the idea of caring for plants. It’s the worst feeling when you realize you’ve killed a plant because you forgot to water it (been there, done that!).  
  3. What is the temperature like in your home? Most plants available for purchase at your favorite gardening stores originated in the tropics, meaning they are able to withstand the temperature and humidity of the average home. However, be cautious not to set houseplants directly by a furnace or fire or under an air conditioning vent.  

Once you’ve determined which type of plants are best for your home and lifestyle, you can head to your local gardening store to pick up some plants to freshen up your home! Here are a few great plants to add some green to your space. 


Indoor Plant Care Infographic

Best Indoor Plants for Darker Spaces

If you have a few areas of your home you’d like to freshen up with indoor plants that don’t receive a lot of sunlight, no worries! Here are a few great picks for you that don’t require much natural light. 

Look for a darkened sun on plant labels as you shop. These plants don’t require much sunlight to thrive. 

  • Pothos: This plant is actually nicknamed “devil’s ivy” because it can survive in nearly pitch-black conditions. It can also withstand over and under watering. If you are just getting started with indoor plants, this is an easy, pretty pick!
  • Philodendron: This is another no-brainer pick for indoor plant newbies. This leafy plant prefers darker corners and doesn’t like to be watered much, just every week or so. 
  • Aloe: Place an aloe plant on your desk on an entry table- aloe plants actually prefer indirect light. Soak this plant every other week and it is sure to thrive. 
  • Calathea: Also known as “prayer plants,” these plants prefer lowlight. Be sure to keep the soil moist (but not wet) for this plant to thrive.  
  • Dracena: Drought-resistant and great for improving the air quality in your home, these “dragon tree” plants are easy to care for and look great in your home.  

Best Indoor Plants for Direct Sunlight 

If you windowsills begging for some green décor, these plants will thrive in the direct sunlight. Don’t worry- they still don’t require much upkeep! 

  • Yucca: These plants are super easy to care for because they really just need sunlight and a touch of water. They are tall with long leaves and look great in a sunroom. 
  • Jade: Not sure you can remember to regularly water your indoor plants? Then jade plants are for you! These plants can go up to a month without water and just need sunlight to thrive (and water when the soil feels dry). 
  • Spider plant: Water these plants weekly and they will thrive. They will also grow little baby sprouts that can be repotted for additional spider plants that can be used to decorate your house.  
  • Hibiscus: Hibiscus plants produce large, pretty flowers that flourish the best in direct sunlight. These plants do well in humidity and can be placed outside in warmer months if you desire.  
  • Sago palm: Sago palms offer feathery foliage and make great décor for sunny rooms in your home. Just be careful not to overwater this plant or it will not thrive.  

Plant Accessories

Once you’ve picked out the best indoor plants for your home, you can dress them up with a few fun accessories that will embellish your new accessories!

  • Indoor plant macramé hanging plant holders will give your plants a subtle boho look and enable you to hang your new plants from curtain rods or ceiling hooks.
  • A leaning ladder planter will allow you to stack multiple plants together and lean them in the corner of a room for a bright burst of greenery.
  • Decorative planters in fun shapes will lend a little whimsy to your greenery. If you like animals, try a planter shaped like a llama or an elephant. If you want something more seasonal, consider a star-shaped planter for the Fourth of July or a pumpkin planter for fall.
Indoor Plants on Shelf

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Indoor Plant Care Basics

Learn simple indoor plant care guidelines to keep your houseplants happy and your home green.

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