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Intro to Pandemic Parenting

Seven months into COVID and many of you are wishing you could unsubscribe from 2020. We hear you. The “new normal” is becoming more normal… somewhat. And rather than asking when will we be back to normal – it’s top of mind for all of us – instead, we’ve set out to provide a COVID compass of sorts. So, as we navigate the pandemic through fall and into winter, we’re inviting Dr. Amanda Zelechoski and Dr. Lindsay Malloy of Pandemic Parenting to join us in sharing insights, tips and tricks on what it means to parent during these challenging times.

The dynamic mom duo is using their skills as psychologists, professors, and researchers to cope and figure out how to meet their children’s needs – their research skills bringing together science-based knowledge and data based on how COVID-19 is impacting hundreds of families in the U.S. and Canada will now be provided to all of you. Join us for a series of 14 stories on questions that may be top of mind for all of you as you navigate through the pandemic as a parent.

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