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Zulily Debuts Exclusive Layette Collections with Influencers Jessica Nickson & Noelle Downing

Zulily Debuts Exclusive Layette Collections with Influencers Jessica Nickson & Noelle Downing

The picture-worthy mom and newborn layette collection to welcome your baby

The saying “moms know best” has never been more important than in those early days of a baby’s arrival. That’s why Zulily is thrilled to announce an exciting new exclusive layette capsule collection of newborn styles and essentials co-designed and created for new moms by new moms and fashion influencers Jessica Nickson (@thejessicanickson) and Noelle Downing (@noelledowning) in collaboration with Little Millie, a sister brand to Zulily fan-favorite brand Millie Loves Lily. The collections will be available September 6 through 29 on

Designed for those early days of bonding between you and your baby, the Little Millie collaborations include Instagram-ready layette essentials — newborn necessities, hospital sets, gift sets and family collections — for all those photo opps, from your little one’s arrival to those first few weeks together.

The limited-time collections feature more than 20 different styles and trends across 170 products, from onesies, rompers, blankets, caps, sleep sacks and more for baby to matching surprises for moms, such as receiving robes. The snuggle-worthy, one-of-a kind prints — woodland creatures, hearts, stars and stripes, gingham and more — are also exclusive to the collection. And the best part: price points range from $8.99 to $46.99.

“Jessica and Noelle have unique and inspirational styles that we adored,” says Kiki Lockwood, merchandising manager for kids apparel at Zulily. “We selected both of them given their authenticity, style and growing families to create the inspiration for collections that are steeped in a real-world view of what is useful to and fashionable for babies and moms.”

The capsule collections will be a highlight of Zulily’s Welcome Baby event, the bi-annual, two-week sale kicking off September 14 – 28, where you can discover the items you need and want for your baby, yourself, your nursery and your home.

The Inspiration behind the Little Millie X Noelle Downing Collection

As a first-time mom, lifestyle blogger Noelle Downing‘s collection is contemporary with natural tones and elements for capturing those Instagram-worthy moments. Fans follow the body-positive model and YouTuber for her fashion, home décor, travel finds and tips. In early June, Noelle and her husband, Danny, welcomed their first child, daughter, James “Ever” Evergreen — the inspiration behind her exclusive design collaboration with Little Millie.

What was your design process?

I wanted to create a collection with adorable prints that I’ve always dreamed of seeing my daughter in, paired with silhouettes we already have and love from Zulily. With these pieces coming out in fall, I tied all of my favorite colors of the season together and it was so magical imagining my little girl (who was growing in my belly still at the time) wearing everything!

Where did you draw your inspiration?

My biggest inspiration came from my daughter’s nursery. Her name is Evergreen, and I believe the color that surrounds my baby can affect her mood and development (68% of moms agree), and green is very calming. We painted the walls in her nursery a beautiful shade called Evergreen Fog and I knew we needed to tie that into this collection as it’s the most beautiful shade not only for fall and winter, but for all seasons. You’ll see it throughout the collection and it’s absolutely stunning.

I also spend a lot of my time in upstate New York, so I really wanted to tie in natural aspects because I love being outside, discovering the changing scenery and wildlife. I looked a lot to the changing color of the leaves and the shades of green we see all season long.

Could you tell us a bit about why you chose the patterns/color palette?

Green is a color that is associated with growth, peace, refresh, security – and that sense of place for me is upstate New York. The world is dynamic and fast-changing, and I want her environment to be one of love, comfort, and a safe nook, which is why the green color shifts from fall to winter that were the inspirational palette for her nursery are also reflected in this fantastic collection. It felt extra special.

What are you hoping moms appreciate about your capsule collection with Zulily?

Babies grow so quickly. I certainly feel the pressure of time – it’s my most important commodity – time to celebrate the little BIG moments with Evergreen. So, I’m looking for functionality, high-quality, on-trend products that are also unique because there are so many candid memorable moments you might want to capture.

Functionality: The double zipper on the pajamas! No seriously though, when my daughter was first born, I was SO thankful for those double zippers for the middle-of-the-night-diaper changes and knew we had to have those types of details in this collection.

Quality & uniqueness: I also think moms will appreciate how special and unique these pieces are at such amazing prices. They feel heirloom and so special without breaking the budget.

Memorable: Lastly, I think new moms will appreciate how many pieces there are for hospital sets or baby announcement photos. I really wanted everything to feel special enough to wear for all of those sweet moments to create lasting memories.

How did you address some of the pain points you personally encounter(ed) with newborn clothing (i.e., easy access for diaper changes)?

There hasn’t been a ton of innovation in baby apparel, but knowing that most moms like myself are frequently up for those late-night feedings and diaper changes, I included the double zippers. Oh my gosh, truly lifesaving — no one wants to do buttons in those middle-of-the-night feedings. A lot of the items are easy to mix-and-match so you don’t always need to worry about everything being clean or if something gets soiled, which is super-versatile and convenient.

How did you address some of the pain points you personally encounter(ed) with post-partum clothing (i.e., easy access for breastfeeding)?

I lived in a robe those first few weeks, with the occasional dressing up so that I felt nice mentally. So, I thought, why not make a robe to match your newborn’s outfits those first few weeks that you can also wear for years to come that will always remind you of this special time? The post-partum experience is quite the roller coaster and I think having something that’s really comfortable and soft while matching your little one just feels more magical than my usual robe.

How have you enjoyed dressing yourself and your baby in the new collection?

Every single time she’s wearing items from this collection, I truly get emotional because I designed them for her before we had even met. It feels so special to see her in them now and I can’t get over how much I absolutely love them. The prints are everything I ever dreamed of!

What are your tips for getting sleepful nights as a new mom?

I didn’t realize how much babies thrive under a schedule. Even if it’s just trying to go to bed around the same time and setting the scene with low lighting (so they understand it’s nighttime) putting on their PJs and reading a bedtime story, it can make a world of a difference. It might sound silly, but now that Ever is a few weeks old, we can genuinely tell she loves the routine of bedtime and enjoys it.  After a few weeks, it’s truly paid off and I promise, it does get better!

Behind the Little Millie X Jessica Nickson Collection

As a third-time mom, Jessica Nickson’s collection features practical classic and evergreen styles designed both for the new baby and older siblings. Jessica has three daughters under the age of four, including one newborn, so she has her hands full these days. The actress, model and reality TV personality has appeared on both Big Brother and The Amazing Race and lives in Dallas with her husband, Cody, also a fellow Big Brother competitor. Newborn daughter Atlas Ruby (Born on July 16, 2022), along with her sisters Maverick and Carter, are the inspiration behind Jessica’s exclusive design collaboration with Zulily and Little Millie.

What was your design process?

One would think that with three daughters under the age of four it would be difficult to dedicate as much time as I wanted to spend on the design process, but I deliberately took my time with the look and feel of this collection because its meaning was special to me.

I had mood boards and looked at them daily, just to notice little differences and add a little something to compliment the pattern. Or some days I would notice that we needed less of a specific color. I repeated this until I had no more edits and then I knew the collection was ready.

Where did you draw your inspiration?

Oh, my three daughters were definitely the main inspiration behind this collection! It’s been fascinating to watch what patterns and styles they gravitate towards – and how their individuality and sense of style continues to evolve and show itself. Maverick is all purple with stars and hearts, whereas Carter is all about yellow and animals. Plus, I drew on my first-hand experience for the functionality of the items after having gone through the newborn stage twice. I remember the constant diaper changes and loving anything that let me do so quickly and easily, without disturbing naptime. Knotted gowns have always been my ‘go-to’ and nothing says warm and cozy like waffle material, so I was really excited to include that in the assortment.

Could you tell us a bit about why you chose the patterns/color palette?  

It’s so much fun to watch the girls using their imagination and really embrace the carefree, whimsical attitude of young age. I had such a fun time pulling together the patterns and color palette to showcase that lighthearted and cheerful feeling — though the colors are perhaps a bit more understated than the bright pink tutus my two are so fond of right now!  

What are you hoping moms appreciate about your capsule collection with Zulily?

I honestly hope that moms feel comfortable in these pieces for themselves — and feel great about the pieces for their babies. I wanted high-quality, soft-to-the-touch, beautiful designs and easy styles to help create beautiful memories with their babies. There’s nothing more important than to be present for the many core memories being made in these early months.

How did you address some of the pain points you personally encounter(ed) with newborn clothing (i.e., easy access for diaper changes)?

I have vivid memories of Maverick going through so many pieces of clothing daily, because of spit-up. It was so frustrating because the outfit took the brunt of it and we were constantly changing her and doing so much laundry. So, for this collection I made sure the material we used for most of the pieces was easy to clean and wipe, so moms can handle it quickly and the pieces aren’t getting destroyed. I wanted to create clothing that is also versatile; to have different items that coordinate with each other.  

How have you enjoyed dressing yourself and your baby in the new collection?
I love any and all opportunities to match outfits with my girls. And it has been so rewarding to see them choose to wear my designs. Maverick has started dressing herself, so when she goes to the closet and grabs one of the pieces from my collection, I honestly feel honored and so proud. She’s a budding fashionista, so I see it as pretty high praise.  

What are your tips for getting sleepful nights as a new mom?

My go-to’s are: sleep swaddles, sound machines, warm diaper wipes and warm bottles. The sleep swaddles are key to keeping babies asleep through their startle reflex. I just wish someone had explained that to me before my first…but now I’m an expert.

The sound machine blocks out noise and soothes your baby while the warm diaper wipes are perfect for evening diaper changes so they don’t get startled awake by the cold, wet wipe. And a bedtime routine really helps moms start to see the signals babies will give when they’re ready for nighttime — and signals to babies that it’s time for the “long sleep.” It’s also fun to see products on Zulily in the Momsomnia sale paired with my collection!

Welcome Back, Welcome Baby

The collections launch September 6, the week before Zulily’s bi-annual Welcome Baby event within the Welcome Baby Shop, which always features a dynamic curated collection of baby and maternity items.

The two-week Welcome Baby event runs September 14 – 28 and offers more than 2,000 styles at up to 60% off. Look for curated collections in retro and cottagecore themes as well as items that combat momsomnia (it’s a thing!) and more.

Throughout the event, new steals and deals will be revealed weekly, featuring exclusive deals on the baby and maternity brands moms know and love.

Welcome Baby Shop on Zulily

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