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Jumpsuits: The Most Versatile Piece for Spring That Will Help Lift Us Out of a Style Rut

Jumpsuits: The Most Versatile Piece for Spring That Will Help Lift Us Out of a Style Rut

Ah, jumpsuits, the perfect transitional piece to take us from spring into summer. Not to mention this one-piece miracle worker does the heavy lifting by making us look put together with minimal effort required. This is important as many of us are still a little unsure if changing out of loungewear ever again is a good idea. Jumpsuits will bridge that middle ground between fashion and comfort and are a good starting point for breaking out of your sweats. Dresses are great too for this purpose, but for a more modern, edgy, of-the-moment design, the jumpsuit is your answer. 

Jumpsuits also require the bare minimum when it comes to styling as the jumpsuit itself is the focal point. Add jewelry, heels, and a handbag if you are dressing up the look, or it can easily be dressed down with sneakers or sandals. Now, jumpsuits have been around for a bit (and no one is complaining) as they are a perfect balance of comfortable chic and they can go from season to season. Many of the styles included here are the more popular styles that have been circulating around the internet, on social media, to the runways in Paris. Behold, the many options in place that you have before you as we discuss all the different styles of jumpsuits.  

But first a little history: 

Thanks to French-American designer, Pauline Trigere, who first popularized the jumpsuit in the 1960s. As it was once considered an item reserved solely for workers in the industrial arena, it quickly gained its popularity over the years as a highly recognizable fashion garment. Fast forward to now and jumpsuits are once again fashionable. 

Utility Jumpsuits 

Utility jumpsuits were designed for and specifically worn back during WWII by pilots to serve a military purpose. Then, jumpsuits evolved to become a style only worn by male laborers in the workforce, then women joined the trend, once they entered the workforce. Today, women everywhere wear utility jumpsuits (and the like) as a symbol of style and strength perhaps – as it carries a part of history for women’s rights. Utility jumpsuits tend to run baggier or have an oversized fit them so keep that in mind as far as your fit preferences. Although, many come with cinched waists and buttons so you can adjust. Also, yes! It has pockets too! Lots of them. Style with casual white sneakers, double-strap sandals, or sandals with a low heel. This look is one that will take flight! 

Boiler Suit 

Similar to the utility jumpsuit, the boiler suit is also synonymous with the working class and another replication of the jumpsuit itself. Today, you can find many iterations of the boiler suit but a common style is the denim boiler suit. With long sleeves, a structured color, and belted or unbelted waist you can adjust the fit. They can either be form-fitting or slouchy depending on the cut. This makes boiler suits a super practical option for any work-from-home wear as well. Dress it up with a pair of mules and gold accessories or down with some sporty sneakers.  

Cropped Jumpsuit 

Cropped jumpsuits are ideal for spring as we move into summer. Find a lightweight breathable material like linen, Tencel, or modal which will keep you cool and comfortable. Also, these fabrics are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials which are better for the environment. Sounds like a win/win! Sleeveless crop flare jumpsuits are great because they are just as cute worn with a T-shirt as they are alone or with a jacket. So grab your spring denim jacket and straw tote bag as you hit the streets in your retro sneaks 


Rompers also belong in this category as they are perfect for the season ahead – summer! They are so cute in the short-sleeved button-front styles with cinched bow waists as well as the slouchier casual styles with a pocket-front and straps that tie in a bow. Either way, you can’t go wrong here. This is another great style to wear in structured stretch denim, cotton, or linen. Pair with your favorite neutral-colored braided slides or tennis shoes for a look that will have you ready for a vacation! 

Wide Leg Jumpsuit 

Wide leg jumpsuits with a structured bust design or dynamic puffy sleeves are a major hit this season. You can also add to the wide-leg drama by opting for a jumpsuit in a bold, bright color like bubblegum pink or cherry red. This may also help brighten the mood of the world around you too. Slip on your strappy sandals or barely-there square-toe heels, metallic accessories, and a handbag for an Haute look! 

Strapless Jumpsuit 

If you’re feeling a bit fancier, strapless jumpsuits are a great alternative to the more laid-back styles we have discussed prior. They are also the perfect choice for occasion wear – be it a wedding or any other type of formal occasion you have coming up this year. The fabric you choose is crucial too like crepe or structured polyester. Conversely, faux leather jumpsuits are going mainstream and work well on strapless styles too. This style is edgy, to say the least, and would be a showstopper for sure. Add heels and a clutch to elevate these looks. 

Retro Jumpsuit 

This brings us to our retro style, designed by Pauline Trigere in the 1960s, that is influenced by the disco era of the sixties and seventies. These sleek one-pieces are trending in form-fitting silhouettes with flared, bell-bottom legs. What a fun way to wear a jumpsuit – with sequins and sparkles! These retro jumpsuits will definitely have you dancing the night away! 

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