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Just Add Pixie Dust: 10 Fairy Garden Ideas

Just Add Pixie Dust: 10 Fairy Garden Ideas

Fairy gardens are a fun way to add a little magic to any backyard space. Think miniature houses, bridges, tables and chairs that are just the right size for a little fairy to visit. They bring a sense of enchantment that both adults and kids love.  

Not only is it a fun, creative way to get the kids involved, but it encourages play, imagination and the responsibilities of taking care of a garden. Just in case Tinkerbell decides to visit, we’ve got some ideas that’ll work in any outdoor space from intricate to super simple.  

What To Include

First things first, the key to building a fairy garden is to start small and find a place that has space to grow over time. Here are some things to consider and have on hand to build your fairy oasis.  


Any space will work for a fairy garden. The bottom of a potted plant, a corner in a front patio or a grassy patch in the backyard will all work. Find a space that can be easily accessed in order to build upon in the future.  


This one is obvious, but you need a space with dirt to host the fairy garden. Something to anchor the plants and flowers, and any structures you want to include.  

Small Plants 

Anything in your fairy garden should be small, which is why succulents are a great starter plant since they come in tiny sizes. Cacti and moss are solid options as well.  


You can do so many things with different size pebbles and rocks. A walkway to the miniature house, stepping stones for fairies to play, pebbles to surround the pond or river, the options are endless.  


Whatever theme you choose, an outdoor fairy garden needs some structures. Houses, castles, bridges, roads and hollow structures for ponds and rivers are all great. This is where kids can let their imaginations soar as they find objects to complete the space.  

Miniature Objects 

Whether you want to place fairies in the garden or not, little friends and objects make the fairy garden feel realistic. Think ladders, fences, small animals like bunnies or insects, cars and wagons.  

10 Theme Ideas

1. Cute Cottage

This is probably the easiest theme to start with if you’re building a fairy garden for the first time. You can buy a miniature house, or DIY made from craft supplies around the house. A fence made out of popsicle sticks, a front patio bench and a small pond with tiny ducks and fish makes this one extra adorable.  

2. Medieval Memories 

If your little ones are all about princesses, kings, queens, and everything royalty, consider a magical castle theme. Buy or build a castle complete with bridges, flags and figurines like horses, knights and thrones. Water features like a mini fountain or pond are also great to add.  

3. All That Glitters 

A favorite in our house, a sparkly magical fairy garden complete with pixie dust of all colors is a super fun one to do outdoors. Pull out all the glitter paint, crayons and markers and go crazy. Tinkerbell and all friends would feel right at home.  

4. Cityscape 

This is a fun one that is part fairy garden and part construction building. Build skyscrapers with small wooden pieces or even legos and add cars and trucks for a whole city theme. Highways with roundabouts, parking garages and even a mini-park for the little critters to play.  

5. Botanical Beauty 

Pick out some colorful little flowers to surround the fairy garden including wildflowers, sunflowers, tulips and dandelions. Add some twinkle lights and you’ve got a botanical flower garden pretty enough for any fairy or gnome to want to visit.  

6. Holiday Happenings 

Want something you can change up throughout the year? Build a fairy garden that can be changed up a bit depending on the holidays. Decorate with hearts and pink flowers for Valentine’s Day or little snowballs for Christmas. The options are endless and something your little ones (and you!) could have fun with all year round.  

7. Back to School 

This one has a lot of potential for school-aged little ones. Bring projects from home to decorate or incorporate learnings from school. You could even have the little fairies be students and kids can be teachers.  

8. Summer Vacation  

Complete with beach chairs and a little sand, this one is such a fun take on the traditional fairy garden. Make a mock ocean or pool complete with little towels, hammocks and little drinks with umbrellas.  


9. Into the Woods 

Make a woodland fairy oasis with anything you have outside. This is a great one to make alongside a tree or plant surrounded by greenery. Use twigs, wildflowers, leaves and grass for a fairy garden that’s all in nature.  

10. Campsite  

Who says fairies can’t go camping? Try a DIY fairy garden and decorate with a cute camper house, lounging chairs and even a canoe for some water fun. This is a great one to build with some water features and even a fake campfire to roast little marshmallows!  


A fairy garden really brings the magic of fairy tales in a creative, unique and super fun way. Whether it be a family project or something the kids can do independently, the end result is something to be admired and built upon for years. We hope these ideas and tips on how to start your own fairy garden inspired you to start your own. Remember to bring the pixie dust!  

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