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The Most Popular Kid’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2021

The Most Popular Kid’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2021

Like trends for adults, fashion trends for kids come and go quickly, so a priority of mine is making sure their clothes are at affordable prices. Since kids love to run around and be kids, clothing that’s comfortable is a must, as well (even with trends).

With new seasons come new trends. It’s time to stock up on the latest kid’s fashion trends for Summer 2021. Personally, I love to keep my kids current with the trends because I have a blast dressing them up. I have three kids: two boys, three and four, and a girl who is six -years -old. They are definitely in the age group where they still let me choose their clothes, so I’m definitely taking advantage of that for as long as I can. On special days, I even love to color-coordinate them too, like on the 4th of July!

If you’re looking to add to your kids’ wardrobes this season, here are some of the most popular current gender-neutral trends:


I have been seeing tie-dye everywhere for kids lately. Something about tie-dye makes me so happy; I love it because it comes in all types of colors, textures, and designs. Tie-dye designs can be worn as a top or a bottom or even as a matching set. It’s definitely the print that screams, “Look at me!” and for that reason, it’s my daughter’s favorite. Oh, and here’s a little fun history fact: tie-dye blew up in the 1960s to symbolize uniqueness and opportunity. I can totally see that! 

You can even make your own tie-dye clothes and let your kids pick their colors.

Light pastels

Given that it was just Spring when pastels are obviously in most every year, they transition perfectly into the Summer season. I had to find out why pastels are so popular around Easter and Passover. It’s because Spring represents renewal and rejuvenation, which calls for colors that are soft, light, and calming. So baby pink, sky blue, soft yellow, light green… you name it, they are on-trend. I love dressing my kids in soft pastel colors. Along with neutral colors, pastel colors look nice together as well because of the softer shades. Mixing pastels within an outfit with or without neutrals definitely works!

Comfortable loungewear

With the recent lockdowns we’ve had to deal with in the past year, loungewear has gone from being worn at home only to coming out into the public as a sense of fashion. This is probably the best kid trend, in my opinion, because now it’s like you don’t have to try so hard to dress them up, and yet they’re still considered to be stylish. Not to mention, the loungewear are is extremely comfortable. It’s like a step -up from wearing pajamas out and about… so comfy, so awesome! I love buying my kids matching loungewear sets, too, because you can wear them separately and even mix and match. Win-win.

Chunky-soled shoes

With platform sneakers currently in style for adults, of course, these thicker-soled shoes are currently fashionable for the little ones too, too, even for the boys. No matter how plain the shoes themselves might be, adding a thicker sole transforms them into now a bold fashion statement. These types of shoes can jazz up any normal average, day-to-day outfit. They’re my favorite type of sneakers at the moment for myself, so, of course, my kids have some in their shoe collections as well.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats, also known as fishermen hats, were in fashion when I was in middle school (circa early 2000s). It’s so fun and super nostalgic to see them as a trend again. I think they look extra adorable on kiddos! I’ve even seen some fuzzy ones that are just too cute. (I may or may not have just added a few bucket hats of different colors and fabrics to my cart just now.) 

Color block

There’s nothing like color block to update a plain shirt or bottoms. For those who don’t know what color block is, it’s when colors that are opposites on the color wheel are paired together to make interesting contrasting and complementary color combinations. Something about color block clothing truly makes it look like modern artwork. The style just makes such a bold and fashion-forward look. Just like tie-dye, the color block variety of designs is endless. I have a bunch of color block pieces for my kids all year long because they’re so fun and take so little effort to look fashionable!   

Camo prints

Honestly, I feel like this military trend never goes out of style for kids (or adults).  I have seen camoprint clothing more than usual lately, so it is definitely trendingCamo is such an effortless way to make a simple outfit look cool. I’ve seen different styles and colors of camo prints, too. For the kids, I usually go for the traditional green camo, but I also love the pinks and blues! 

Utility-styled jackets

These jackets with many pockets, buttons, loops, and epaulets actually had a purpose during WWII, but since then, they have been an ongoing fashion trend. Usually they are seen in olive green or khaki and even black, but lately Im seeing them in fun and bright colors for the kids. I love that they are so versatile and can go with a bunch of outfits. The longer fit, thinner material, and extra pockets are the reasons why I love utility jackets! These are perfect for Summer nights or trips to the zoo.

Gender-neutral shirts

Gender-neutral clothing items are such a huge win for moms with both boys and girls! I love the regular t-shirts that have gender-neutral prints like stripes, polka dots, color blocking and fun geometric prints in neutral colors. My kids’ closets are probably stocked up with the t-shirts the most because it’s more of their everyday wear. What’s even better is when I can grab a shirt that either my sons or my daughter can wear. It also makes for easygoing hand-me-downs. 

These are just some of the current trends going on for your kiddos right now, and most of these trends can be worn all year long. As a parent who not only loves to keep their kids in style but also doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg each season, that’s a major plus. I hope you enjoy some of these style ideas for your little ones! 

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