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Kitchen Storage Ideas for An Organized Kitchen

Kitchen Storage Ideas for An Organized Kitchen

At the present time during this pandemic period, you may be like me; spending your time “safe at home.” This may look like a lot of time spent in the kitchen area. The kitchen is, no question, the hardest working room in your home. We are bringing you some kitchen storage ideas for an organized kitchen whether you have a large kitchen or a small kitchen space. Being strategic with the space you will make a significant impact.   

Realistically, your home will not always be organized. Specially during this time as we are all home while going through this pandemic period. Mine is not, with kids at home and both parents working from home. Give yourself grace.

Living with others, especially if you have kids, means that not everything is within your control. Emotions will cycle, just as organization does. When that happens, be understanding with yourself and stick with it.  

A few key investments can also go a long way in freeing up space, like freestanding shelves, which are great for storing everyday kitchen items like spices, and pierced corbels to hang the utensils to free up valuable room inside of drawers.

You may want to consider rethinking your kitchen storage set-up altogether and installing custom cabinetry that includes pull-out drawers and additional shelving. We are walking you through the best kitchen organization ideas, and how you can maximize existing space with as little effort as possible.

How to Start Organizing your Kitchen

Give Everything a Home

It is important to keep clutter from rebounding. “Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong,” shares Marie Kondo. “Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out.” This is true for your entire house, not just the kitchen.   

Use What You Already Have

If you are scrolling through social media, you might think you need more products to organize your life. That is not necessarily true nor necessarily false.

Only after you have organized one space like your kitchen pantry you will truly know if purchasing a storage solution will be necessary. If not, the storage item will contribute to clutter, and no one wants that.  

Keep Going

Use the momentum from milestones to fuel your next project. Stick with it and you will watch, little by little, how your home supports and serves you better. 

Space Saving Kitchen Ideas for the Win

Over the Counter Shelves

Streamline additional counter space by adding shelves that accent your entire kitchen wall. This will give you the space you need and a place to display your most prized dishes.  

Food Storage

Get crafty with your food storage by using food storage containers. Clear food containers are great for small spaces because they let you visually identify your dry goods quickly and easily, without having to rummage through small cabinets. They will also look great inside your organized pantry closet. 

Create Individual Storage for Spices

Your assorted spices can take up more space than you think. To help these kitchen essentials blend in with the rest of your area, consider installing a spice rack for ease and organization. Here are some spice racks we are loving right now. 

Make your own peg board

Saving space will be easy with a custom peg board added to your wall. Simply arrange the pegs in a desired spot to prop up shelves and set everything from seasonings to silverware.

Do not forget the kids

Keeping little ones busy while you finish dinner prep with hideaway kitchen storage for art supplies is always a win. Here is a great kitchen cabinet storage idea.

Roll-out shelves make the most of the storage space at the end of an island or tucked away in a cabinet making it easy for kids to access crayons and paper then neatly put everything away again. 

You can grab some craft supplies ideas here and read about fun crafts to do with kids and teenagers alike. 

Kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens

Make your own peg board

When it comes to utensils, keeping them in a common place can help your kitchen look organized. This small kitchen storage idea will help your area look stylish with the right design. These utensil trays can conveniently be stored in a drawer.

Without employing smart storage ideas, your small kitchen can quickly feel cramped, and your everyday items can seem never-ending, especially if both counter and cabinet space is limited.

The truth is, you will never feel like the kitchen is truly functional until you take the time to assess how you are storing everything, from appliances and cookware to fragile glassware and dinnerware. Doing so can help you maximize every single inch of the area and ensure you are not wasting valuable space by storing everyday items incorrectly.

Add knife storage to the wall

A simple display of knives may appear as a design element, but in reality, this will allow you to use some of your most commonly used kitchen utensils without cluttering your drawers. 

Add shelf risers

Shelf risers double your usable cabinet space. To maximize the vertical space in your cabinets (or in your pantry), add shelf risers. They allow you to store things on top of each other without stacking and to pull things out without the hassle of unstacking. 

Use vertical space

With smaller kitchens, cabinets and drawer areas can be limited, so get smart and go vertical. Pierced corbels are great for hanging larger kitchen utensils that would otherwise crowd your drawer. Consider these ideas inside your organized pantry closet as well.  

Maximize your cabinets

Some great kitchen cabinet storage ideas include modifying your cabinet to serve as a customizable pantry space as a convenient all-in-one solution. Pull-out drawers and racks allow you to pack all of your pantry items into one convenient location that is a fraction of a normal-sized pantry.

Your kitchen is a room chock-full of many kinds of cabinets (or open shelving) that must support all sorts of activity. Your kitchen needs to house everything you will cook, what you will cook with, and what you have cooked (like leftovers).

It also needs to have the room and efficiency for you to do all that cooking, keep you comfortable while eating, and space to keep all the cleaning supplies you will need to tidy the kitchen after all is said and done.

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