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Last-minute DIY Halloween Ideas for families

Last-minute DIY Halloween Ideas for families

Looking forward to Halloween this year? You’re not alone: according to research from Zulily, 32% of moms say they are planning to celebrate the holiday because it’s a nice break. And the great thing is you don’t have to spend all month planning to create something fun.

DIY Halloween? Do it!

Nearly half of moms (45.7%) say they want a laugh this Halloween… the world is scary enough. So focus on creating an easy DIY Halloween – no worries if it’s last-minute!

Our family and shopping experts shared some updates to your favorite Halloween activities that can be done with supplies you already have at home.

DIY Halloween pumpkin game: paint + find those pumpkins

Take grocery-store pumpkins and paint, don’t carve. Kids will love being able to add their own creative ideas and favorite colors to their pumpkin-canvases! Add gemstones and any extra arts and crafts supplies you have for extra flair. Without knives, younger family members can get in on the fun! You can even add an extra playful element by painting small pumpkins and hiding them around the house. The family member with the most finds gets to choose their favorite Halloween movie to view to kick off Saturday.

Fall-themed decor

Create a DIY Halloween movie marathon that can last all Saturday

…complete with great snacks! Get your kids involved and make jack-o-lantern themed rice crisp cereal treats. All you need is some orange food coloring to add to your favorite rice crisp cereal treat recipe! Little hands are great at helping to shape the treats into round pumpkins. Use pretzel sticks as stems and green fruit leather as leaves. Making sweets is the trend: 31% of moms are choosing to make their own treats this year, kicking off a new tradition of easy DIY Halloween desserts!

To drum up excitement for all hallow’s eve, make DIY Halloween cards for those you care about

It’s a fun activity for the whole family. Get creative with the craft supplies you have for school projects such as construction paper or cardstock and make personalized Halloween cards. You can use items from the kitchen for some easy DIY Halloween flair. Try cutting an apple in half and add orange paint to use as a pumpkin stamp. Or, use tissue paper and glue to create eerie 3D ghosts. Wishing the season’s spookies to teachers, neighbors, and grandparents are a great way to show gratitude for your ghouls.

For an extra easy DIY Halloween activity, get a walk in! Before creating cards, stroll through the neighborhood to find the perfect crunchy fall leaves to add to your cards! Leaves can be cut into ghosts, used as stencils or even used as parts of a DIY Halloween wreath you can hang on your door.

Get ready for that virtual pet party

According to the Zulily survey, 100% of pet moms are planning to attend and/or host their first virtual Halloween party this year with their furry little one. Get ready for Fido to steal the party spotlight with their adorable pet costume!

Whatever you do for Halloween this year, don’t stress. An easy DIY Halloween celebration can be yours – thanks to your on-hand craft supplies, family baking activities, haunted homemade cards and of course – a virtual party with your pup.

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