5 Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Thinking Of Having A Baby Alone

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If you’re considering having a child on your own, you’re in good company! More and more women are opting to be a “single mom by choice,” also sometimes called a “choice mom.” What this term means is that you are a “single woman who decides to become a mother knowing, at least at the outset, that she will be the sole parent of her child.” There are wonderful communities of these single moms whose stories can help inspire you, caution you, or simply make you feel understood.

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Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Yay, you’re pregnant! So that means you’re eating for two, right? And bring on the ice cream, pickles, and anything you might have a craving for. (That’s how this whole thing works, after all, isn’t it?) It’s actually…not. Sure, pregnancy – especially the first trimester – is really a time to listen to your body and perhaps give in to some indulgences from time to time, preparing healthy pregnancy meals is an important way to help you and your baby thrive during this time.

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4 Ways to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Pregnancy & Having a Baby as a Single Mom

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Much of the advice we get as single moms prior to pregnancy is focused on how to prepare ourselves physically for pregnancy. From prenatal vitamins to losing (or gaining) weight, there are countless resources for how to prepare your body for pregnancy. But we shouldn’t neglect preparing ourselves mentally for having a baby as well!

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Ways for Single Mothers to Cope After Divorce

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When two people get married, they enter into a lifelong commitment with the best of intentions, but sometimes things change, people change, circumstances change. The one thing that I’ve learned in the past few years, since finding myself becoming a single mom after divorce, is that what remains in my control is how I react to anything that comes my way. I believe that attitude really is everything when it comes to how to cope with being a single mom.

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Spotlight Series: Supporting Single Mothers Everywhere

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While COVID-19 has created whole new levels of fatigue for all, mothers around the world have taken on even more. In addition to being a driving force juggling the pandemic dynamics of the household – owning “time” whether it’s playtime, mealtime, school time, naptime, bedtime or anytime in between, there are a remarkable number of women who are also the primary or only breadwinners in 40% of U.S. households with kids under 18. And, in the U.S. today, there are nearly 13.6 million single moms raising over 21 million children.

So, with National Singles Day approaching, November 11, and Thanksgiving quick on its heels, we have such gratitude and celebrate all moms, and want to shine a light on others through a spotlight story series leading into National Singles Day recognizing, supporting and championing all that you do. We know it takes a village, and sometimes that village is a village of one. We see you, and we thank you for all that you do. And, we know others recognize just how much you do, according to a recent survey we fielded 81% of moms agree that being a single mom is tougher than working a 40-hour work week.

Visit us daily as we appreciate, celebrate and shine a light on the single moms in our community!

5 Reasons to Have Your Bachelorette Party at a Yoga Retreat

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By Koya Webb

One tradition that I love is the bachelorette party. It’s all about celebrating transitions and milestones – and connecting a bride with her very best friends.

2020 changed many wedding celebrations, girlfriend travel plans and yes, bachelorette parties. So why should you have a bachelorette party at a yoga retreat?

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100 Reasons We Love Mrs. Claus

mother with sleeping child

Zulily wanted to take this holiday moment to thank every Mom for the thousands of things she does to prepare for Santa’s big day every year… and especially this year.

Our story below is just the beginning of the hundreds of ways the Mrs. Clauses in each of our lives make the holidays special. Of course, there are *snow* many more! 

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Hosting a Memorable & Special Virtual Baby Shower

Thanks to Covid-19, so much is different in our world right now. Over the past few months, you may have mastered working from home, helping your children navigate virtual school, and gotten used to a much more distanced social life. If someone special in your life will be having a baby soon, you might now be looking for ways to make a virtual baby shower incredibly special despite it being different from most showers you’ve attended or hosted in the past. If you’re wondering how to have a virtual baby shower that still feels fun, celebratory, and communal, you’re in the right place.

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