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Ready, SET, Go! The case for loungewear sets

Ready, SET, Go! The case for loungewear sets

There is no denying that COVID has altered many people’s sense of fashion or fashion standards with many of us now working from home where we have prioritized comfort for style in many ways. As in, it might not be so unusual anymore that you take your Tuesday morning video conferences in your pajama bottoms and slippers. I mean they only see you from the waist up anyways, right? Well, the fact is, you can see it all over the fashion markets right now – loungewear is trending big-time because that is what people want to wear right now. Comfortable, stylish, loungewear sets that they can look good and feel good in even while working from home. I mean, just because we have to stay at home doesn’t mean we can’t look good doing it! Amirite?! 

Enter Women’s Loungewear Sets. Simple by Suzanne Betro includes elevated loungewear basics that can be worn as separates or mixed and matched into a variety of sets. Generally speaking, sets come in a set of two to three luxurious pieces. They can be any combination of pants, shorts, a top, a jumpsuit, a dress and a robe/cardigan. As the name implies, they are made for lounging but, amazingly, are perfect for working from home and picking up/dropping off your kids from school as these refined ensembles are appropriate outside of the home as well! In fact, they may even get you noticed out on the streets for being fashion forward right now! Look at you with that classy jumpsuit and robe looking all put together! After all, these sets are like glorified pajamas: so you will feel comfortable and confident every time you step outside your door. 

These sets are so versatile too, as they come in pieces, which will give you options for ways to wear them. So if you choose to break up your sets, you get a few different looks in one. Thus, it can sometimes be considered two to three outfits for the price of one, which is also great value for their sometimes elevated price point. For example, if a set comes with a sleek duster cardigan, it can also be worn with a classic white t-shirt and jeans. Or, wear the wide leg palazzo pants with a neutral colored matching hoodie that you own. There are lots of ways to wear them which gives you even more reason to gravitate towards at least one cozy piece from one of your fabulous set collections each day.  

They are so easy to style too! You may choose to pair with your favorite sherpa lined UGG boots, warm and toasty slippers or fuzzy socks if you choose to lay around by the fire at home. Or, need to run a quick errand? Throw on some sneakers or those on-trend combat boots that you have been dying to bust out, to give you an edgy, streetwear look. Again, the beauty of these sets is that you can wear them how you want and they will never let you down. You will also be prepared for any occasion, from at home lounge to cocktail lounge. 

When you are selecting your set, make sure that it is made of high quality fabric that will last you a long time and that you will feel comfortable wearing (i.e. not itchy). There are also so many types of materials to choose from nowadays, so make sure to choose wisely. There is cozy waffle knit, slinky modal, soft buttery fleece, luxe ribbed jersey knit and the latest luxurious velour to name a few. Also, when selecting color, try to stick with a neutral color palette (black, whites, grays, tans and browns) which are best for creating that capsule collection rule of thumb. Once you have a base, you can begin experimenting by adding a little tie-dye or color. Go wild! Eventually, you may even have a set for every season, the ultimate modern girl dream! 

If you are traveling anywhere for the holidays make sure you bring your loungewear sets along for the journey as they double as amazing travel outfits. Whether you are road-tripping to a fabulous beach destination or going somewhere snowy to visit your family, sets are just the ticket. Sets are made for travel as they come in soft, breathable materials and layers which can easily be taken on or off as the temps fluctuate.  

Wherever you find yourself this holiday season and elsewhere make sure you have one of these babies in tow so you can sit back and relax as these sets will have you dressed for any occasion – from formal holiday dinner to a lazy winter Sunday. They provide the ultimate in quality, comfort, versatility and style, that are so easy to wear any time of year, which are essential components of the perfect outfit. So before you start to overthink what you are going to wear each day, your decision has already been made. Throw on that beautiful, coordinated outfit that hangs on the back of your closet door, because it has already been on repeat for three days…but who’s counting? So, get ready, by wearing the set and go! 

So check out the Suzanne Betro shop to discover all the best and latest trends in comfortable loungewear, from sets, sweaters to even chic lounge dresses and overalls. This is your one stop shop for fashionable work from home chic and beyond. 

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