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11 Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for Families

11 Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for Families

As a major Halloween lover (it just might be my favorite holiday), as well as a fan of all things themed, family Halloween costumes make my heart so very happy. There are SO many creative routes you can take when it comes to getting the whole crew involved in a cohesive, matching costume, and the good news is so many of those family costumes can come together quickly and easily in a very DIY fashion.

Here’s a collection of 11 clever Halloween costume ideas for families in case you’re trick-or-treating for some inspiration!

1. Pajama party

This one is SO easy, because you can all dress in your PJs – and that’s pretty much the whole costume. To make it even more fun, though, grab a few accessories that feel perfect for a slumber party (think a sleeping bag, maybe a game like Twister, a pillow, etc.) This costume gets points for being quite cozy as well, which is always a plus!

2. Bunnies & carrots

This is likely the family costume we’ll be putting together this year, since my 4-year-old daughter is in a major bunny-loving stage and decided back in March that she wanted to dress as one for Halloween. (She’s holding strong, too, so I have to give her credit for being decisive and then sticking with it!) We also have a baby who will be eight months old in October, so the plan is to dress him up as a carrot. I’ll be dressing as a bunny, too, and my husband can be a carrot as well. I think it will be cute!

3. Super Mario characters

Our family actually used this costume idea for my daughter’s first Halloween, and it was SUCH a fun one (and one you can really pull off with a family of any size). For our three-person family at the time, we dressed the baby as Mario (in overalls we already had, a red onesie, and a red hat that we’d added the signature “M” to). The finishing touch was a moustache pacifier, which really brought the whole look together. My husband dressed as Luigi and I went as Princess Peach.

4. Cops & robbers

This is a great option if your kiddo already happens to have a police officer costume on hand just for general dress-up. Have Mom and Dad dress as robbers (think black and white-striped shirts and masks with holes for over the eyes). And if you have a very little one, he or she can be dressed as a bag of money the robbers are “stealing.”

5. The Wizard of Oz

It’s a classic route to take, certainly, but you can’t go wrong with a good Wizard of Oz ensemble. With characters ranging from Dorothy to the Cowardly Lion to the Tin Man to the Scarecrow to the Wicked Witch of the West (and her flying monkeys!), the options are endless! You could even look beyond your family and team up with a neighbor family or two to really go big with this one.

Halloween Family. Happy Father, Mother and Children Girls in Halloween Costume and Makeup. Bloody theme: the crazy maniak faces on pink studio background
Woman and two young girls with sugar skull face paint and flower crowns for for Mexican Day of the Dead

6. S’mores

This idea is SUCH a cute one for a family of four! Have the parents dress as the two graham crackers (you can just use big pieces of cardboard with the dotted lines drawn on where you would break the crackers) and have one child dress as the Hershey’s chocolate bar and the second dress as the marshmallow. So, so clever and fun!

7. Chefs

There’s no such thing as too many chefs when it comes to Halloween! You can either all dress up as chefs, complete with hats, aprons, and the rest, or a couple of family members can be chefs and the rest can dress as kitchen utensils or baked goods (maybe a whisk or a chocolate chip cookie). This one can go in lots of directions, but the end result is guaranteed to be deliciously adorable.

8. 80’s aerobics instructors

Okay, how cute would a family of 80’s aerobics instructors be as a costume idea? Time to break out the leg warmers, the sweat bands, the teased hair, the sweat suits, and the boom box for this one! The guys will get an especially great response from this costume idea.

9. Disney tourists

If your family is a Disney family, this one will come together in a snap. Just grab your favorite Disney attire (don’t forget the ball caps or Mickey ears hats if you have them!) along with fun props like a camera and fanny pack, and get ready to Trick-or-Treat tourist-style.

10. The Flintstones

Go the prehistoric route with this sure-to-be-a-hit throwback option. Mom can be Wilma, Dad can be Fred, a little girl can be Pebbles, and another kiddo can be Dino the dinosaur!

11. Snowmen

This costume idea could be SO quick and easy to pull off, and I think it would be so, so cute. Have everyone wear white, and then accessorize with black buttons, top hats, “carrot” noses – the works. (This would be particularly cute if Mom is visibly pregnant for Halloween, too!)

Have a Happy Halloween!

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