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Micro-Staging 101: Easy DIY Headboard Designs

Micro-Staging 101: Easy DIY Headboard Designs
Queen-size bed with white down quilt and multiple pillows

With people spending a lot of time at home these days, bedrooms are being used for more than sleeping. They’re retreats, second offices and home movie theaters. Here’s how to give this busy space a clever refresh with a DIY headboard.

Get creative with your wall space.

Simply start with a few of your favorite things, such as…

  • Dried flowers
  • Textile art
  • Framed quotations
  • Shallow baskets
  • Enlargements of favorite photographs

Ask yourself what you’d most like to see on the wall space above your bed and then get creative. Here’s a little video inspo:

A Few More Details

3-D FRAME. Take both the back and glass off a multi-opening frame and hang it at the head of your bed. Then, pin (or tape) dried flowers, found objects or small, homemade sketches into the open spaces. You can easily change these “framed” objects to suit the season. How about a holiday ornament in each opening? Or a few favorite greeting cards?

THE SECRET OF THREE. Search through your attic or storage closet for three unusual hanging items that are waiting for the right wall (a sign, a sketch, a giant feather). Grouping by color, such as pastel, or style, such as rustic or beachy, imagine the outline of a horizontal rectangle headboard, and hang these pieces to imply that shape.

A WALL THAT WORKS. Hang a collection of whimsical wall hooks above the bed for a practical meets playful (meets oh-so affordable) headboard alternative. Need a spot for your sleep mask or hair tie, just reach up!

A HEADBOARD FOR EVERYONE. Great for any bedroom, this simple DIY headboard project can provide inspiration for sorting through forgotten drawers and storage areas. And it offers an opportunity to add an affordable personal touch to your space.

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