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Mom-Teacher-Boss: Help & Hacks for Busy Days

Mom-Teacher-Boss: Help & Hacks for Busy Days

What do YOU need, Mom-Teacher-Boss?

This fall, you may be wearing many “hats” including Mom, Teacher, Boss, Caretaker or Co-Worker.  As you try to make the best of life for those around you, don’t forget consider your personal time and emotional resources. How will you keep your own well of positivity filled so that you can support others who need you? 

The answer begins with a question: What do you need? Try to picture a few things that would really help you get through your day. Maybe a giant mug of coffee. An at-home facial or foot massage. A really good mystery novel and some reading time. What small tasks would be super-satisfying to complete? Think hanging pictures, giving the refrigerator a serious clean-out, or sorting clothes for the donation pile. Imagine a meal you’ve been yearning to make or order (perhaps a favorite family recipe or spicy takeout treat).

Use those answers to add something for yourself to the weekly schedule. Not only will it keep you happier, it will model this for others. Remind your family members to build some little “prizes” into their routines. Everyone benefits from having something to look forward to. 

online classroom sign

Download and customize this at-home classroom sign:

online high school sign

Download and customize this at-home high school sign:

Let Your Surroundings Help You

Your home may be an extra busy place this year. Embrace the challenge of multi-use spaces with smart organization, bright décor and some playful signage to keep things in perspective. Download our online school and workspace flip signs (above) or use them as inspiration for some DIY signs of your own. Or try a micro-refresh of a small space in your home, like your entryway or a bookshelf.

Look Outward AND Inward

A task that’s a clear priority from a work, household or parenting perspective may also be one of those things that makes you feel most overwhelmed. That’s true for everyone trying to be a Mom-Teacher-Boss (and more) these days. Allow yourself to acknowledge both the importance of things on your to-do list and the amount of effort (including emotional effort) that they require. 

What parts of this fall’s schedule do you love (such as Monday morning game nights, reading bedtime stories, neighborhood walks)? What parts of this fall feel like tough challenges (such as new morning routines, overseeing learning time, getting kids to wear masks)? Discuss whether other family members have the same feelings about the schedule and brainstorm ways to lighten everyone’s load.

Reach Out

Remember: You are not alone. Moms across the nation are facing a back-to-school season like no other. Turn to other Mom-Teacher-Boss pals for support, laughs, a power walk or even a good rant. This is extra-important as social distancing rules have eliminated many of those easy, spontaneous chats that happen at parks, playgrounds, sports fields and PTO meetings. It may feel awkward to reach out and plan something that used to happen effortlessly, but it’s the new normal (at least for now) and worth the effort. Read more about virtual playdates for kids (and adults) here.

It feels great to pay it forward. Do you have some great back-to-school solutions to share? Write a Facebook post, blog or local newspaper article sharing your thoughts. Send a note, email or even a small gift to a fellow mom or someone else in your community who might need a lift. And, before your head hits the pillow each night, think of one reason to smile. You’ve definitely accomplished one important thing: you’ve made it through another day!

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