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Mommy and Me Outfits: 6 Adorable Matching Outfit Ideas

Mommy and Me Outfits: 6 Adorable Matching Outfit Ideas

The “mommy and me” matching trend started to get popular during the rise of social media, especially Instagram, and more so now with TikTok. Not only is it just adorable but it definitely increases likes and views!

What’s even better about dresses is when you can find a miniature version of your dress for your little “mini-me” to wear with you. It is seriously double the cuteness.

I have seen moms matching with their babies, toddlers, kids, and even teenagers. My daughter is six years old and loves to match with me, so I will continue to ride the wave for as long as I can. If I’m lucky, maybe she’ll still want to twin with me when she’s in high school. A mom can dream right?!

If you have a daughter and love to do mommy and me outfits, here are some cute summer dress options that will have you twinning all season long.

Beary Basics Mommy and Me Matching Leopard Dresses

Beary Basics Brown Leopard Three-Quarter Sleeve V-Neck Midi Dresses Matching Set

Mia Belle Girls Charcoal Gray Stars Mommy and Me Matching Sweatshirt Joggers Set

Mia Belle Girls Charcoal Gray Stars Mommy and Me Matching Sweatshirt Joggers Set

Like every year, I’m daydreaming about spending hours at the beach, going on weekend getaways and family vacations to our favorite places. For now, I’m turning my excitement into planning my family’s summer wardrobes! My go-to outfits of the season are summer dresses. 

There are so many different styles of dresses to choose from and they are all so versatile. Not only are they perfect for warm weather but they’re so fun to style. I also love the fact that a dress counts for both a top and a bottom. Throw it on and you’re ready to go!


Floral is perfect because it can go from spring to summer.  Floral prints are limitless because there’s such a huge variety out there. They come in all colors, textures and patterns. There’s a floral print for everyone, like the cute floral dresses from Millie Loves Lily. When it comes to florals, I prefer a flowy type of dress. Nothing like matching in a beautiful floral print dress that you and your mini can twirl in! For dresses with a pattern, I would go with a simple pair of sandals, so that all the attention stays on the dresses themselves.


These dresses are so comfortable and they can be dressed up or down. For the summer, I would definitely go with bright colors like coral, magenta or teal. The dress itself is super simple, so wearing that pop of color gives it summer vibes. If there’s a cool summer breeze blowing, then throw on a cute denim jacket to stay warm. Oh, and don’t forget some matching gladiator sandals to complete the look!


Anything off-the-shoulder is just so stylish! Off-the-shoulder dresses are  feminine yet edgy at the same time. There are also a bunch of different off-the-shoulder styles: ruffle, ruched, puffy, cupped, tiered, etc. I’d have my daughter and I wear them on that perfectly sunny day when we are headed to the beach, because — how cute is it to have your bathing suit straps show, too? That will basically scream summer. Pair these with some cute slip-on sandals (waterproof, if you really are heading to the beach)!


These dresses are so effortless and perfect for matching. They’re simple but the tiers add that extra feminine touch. I would stick to pastel colors for this certain style of dress because light colors allow the details of the tiers to show up better. Wear these dresses for a summer brunch that you will most likely be documenting on Instagram. I’d throw on some white or neutral-colored flip-flops to go with it.


T-shirt dresses, especially in an oversized fit, definitely win the “most comfortable” award! These dress styles look like you didn’t really try to look cute but look super- cute, anyway. Throw them on when you’re planning to run errands on a hot summer day. No matter how plain they might be, it’s still a statement if you have your matching “mini -me” by your side. I’d wear these dresses with some statement sandals, like ones featuring studs or gems. Don’t forget some matching big, black sunglasses!


Chambray works all year ’round, but my favorite way to wear this fabric during the summer is as a dress! Since chambray isn’t the lightest of materials, definitely opt for a sleeveless. Oh, and make it midi-length because, why not? It’s always good to have dresses in your closet with different lengths. You never know what you’ll be in the mood for. Also, if you have any clear heels, these are perfect for the midi length. Clear jelly shoes for your daughter would be adorable!

My daughter absolutely loves matching with me and the feeling is definitely mutual. I’m taking advantage of the time that she enjoys dressing up with me because I know one day she will probably not want to twin with her mom any longer. So, the next time you see some of those coordinated mommy and me dresses, don’t think twice and just grab them. Have fun dressing up with your minis!

Mommy and Me Matching Outfits

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