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Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Each Type of “Mom”

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Each Type of “Mom”

Especially if you won’t be able to see your mom in person this Mother’s Day, thoughtfully selecting a gift that shows how much you care will make you both feel more connected.  

While traditional, one-size-fits-all Mother’s Day gifts are nice, think past flowers, digital photo frames, “mom” jewelry, and anything else you can pick up at a corner store the night before the holiday. This year, think ahead for a gift that specifically suits YOUR mom.

If you have a woman in your life who means a lot to you, whether it’s your godmother, baby momma, or aunt, take this time to celebrate her this Mother’s Day. You don’t have to spend a lot to show moms you care; putting time and love into an inexpensive but intentionally curated gift can mean more to Mom than a pricy gift. Start by thinking of anything your mom has been eyeing since the holidays. If she’s been talking about something for a couple of months now, it’s a safe assumption that it will be well appreciated as a Mother’s Day gift. Nothing she’s been eyeing? Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas for every kind of mom: 


For the Practical Mom

I love shopping for practical moms (like my own mother) because you can get them something they’ll actually use for Mother’s Day! While this might not seem as exciting to some people as a luxury gift, a gift that gets used every day means your mom will think of you daily as she uses it. The only practical gifts to steer clear of are gifts for mom that don’t bring her any joy. A new vacuum cleaner for a mom that doesn’t like to clean won’t be as appreciated as a new kitchen gadget for a mom that loves to cook.  


For the Hostess with the Mostess

Many moms are entertaining more at home this year, so gifting lovely items they can use when hosting will be much appreciated. A cheeseboard and/or cheese knives are an easy favorite that can get a lot of use. And, now that the weather is warming up, a patio-friendly melamine entertaining set will be a great addition to barbeques and hosting outdoors. If you want to go all-in on outdoor entertaining, you can even invest in a projector and blow-up movie screen for backyard movie nights at Mom’s! 


For a Crafty Mom

Most of us have been looking for new hobbies since the pandemic started, so if you have a crafty mom that loves DIY projects, find a new one for her to explore! Better yet, since experiences are more valuable than items to most moms, set up a time for you to try the new craft together. If she’s already tried knitting and sourdough, think about candle making. You can gift her with all the materials to make candles and then set up a time to try it out together. In the end, you’ll each have a candle to remember your special Mother’s Day with.  


For Long-Distance Moms

If your mom is too far to visit frequently, consider gifting her a monthly subscription so she will have a continuous reminder of your thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. If it’s a subscription to something like a “wine of the month” club, you can also get yourself a subscription, and then monthly, when your boxes come in, have a standing virtual happy hour date with Mom. 


For a Boss Mom 

Does your mom always say she needs more hours in the day? A busy, corporate mom has so much on her plate, the best Mother’s Day gift is to help relieve some of that stress! Try gifting her a package with a Virtual Assistant. Your mom can decide what tasks will be easiest for the VA to help with, and enjoy getting some of her time back to spend on herself, or with her family.  


For the New Mom

New moms are likely in desperate need of rest and relaxation. With limited time and energy, think through a gift from start to finish before giving it to a new mom. While a spa certificate is nice, think about adding on a “coupon” for a free afternoon of babysitting while she takes some me-time. For a sure-to-please gift, schedule an outing for mom and family while you have a professional housekeeping company come to clean their home top to bottom.  


For the Newly Retired Mom

Newly retired moms usually have the opposite problem of new moms – too much time on their hands! In addition to Mother’s Day gifts that suit their new life of leisure, such as luxe pajama sets and craft coffee makers, gifting experiences is especially appreciated. Think about something either you or she has been meaning to try out, and then book time together to do it. Whether it’s tennis lessons or a virtual Masterclass membership, exploring new activities and skills will make retired moms feel young again.  


For a Mom Who is No Longer With Us 

Mother’s Day can be a difficult holiday for anyone who has lost their mom. The joy that the rest of the world appears to feel while saluting their moms can make a loss feel even more heartbreaking. If you feel like sitting out Mother’s Day and deleting your social media accounts for the day, no one would blame you. Or, you can choose to celebrate your mom’s life by spending Mother’s Day doing something to honor her memory. Perhaps spend the day in one of her favorite places or doing an activity she enjoyed. Get together with others that loved her to share your memories of Mom. If your family isn’t nearby, consider passing the Mother’s Day gift forward by serving at a women’s shelter that day or donating to a mom in need.  

We hope you enjoy yourself today and keep checking back for ongoing tips, guides and great shopping!

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