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Must-Have Girls’ Sandals for Spring

Must-Have Girls’ Sandals for Spring

This time of year – shopping for spring sandals for my 4-year-old daughter – is always so much fun! There are adorable sandal styles out there, and she loves having cute and functional sandals to wear during the warm weather months. (Isn’t shopping for girls just the best?) The hard part, really, is narrowing down the list when it comes to choosing girls’ spring sandals, because there are so many great options!  

I’m not sure if this post will necessarily make that process any easier, but it will at least give you a sense of what girls’ spring sandal options are worth considering this year. Ready to check out some must-have girls’ spring sandal styles? Let’s do it!: 



I love this sandal feature for girls because it makes a pair of sandals feel a little more special. The braided strap can be an element on lots of sandal styles, but it always elevates the look just a little bit. 



If your kiddo likes to play hard but you want a variation on a standard sneaker – something a little more spring and summer appropriate – the sneaker sandal might be the way to go. It will allow your child to run and play with ease, not having to worry if they’ll trip over their sandal or have it fall off, etc. At the same time, though, they’ll be much more breathable than a typical sneaker.



If comfort is what you’re going for when looking for girls’ spring sandals, Crocs (or a similar style) should top your list for sure. The adult version of this sandal style isn’t exactly known for being trendy, but the girls’ version is so small and cute I think they look adorable!



These will make any little girl feel like a big kid, and can be a good option for a springtime event. (They feel just a touch more special and less everyday than other sandal styles.) You can look for a version with an ankle strap for a little extra security on this spring sandal.



My daughter tends to live in this style of sandal in the spring. I think they’re so adorable, and love that they fit more like a shoe than a sandal, so they’re a bit easier for her to run around in. And, of course, the fact that they are waterproof sandals is a big plus (especially for a family like ours that spends lots of time at the beach this time of year). I love that you can throw these spring sandals in the top rack of the dishwasher to easily clean them, too.



There’s no way I could leave this classic sandal style off the list! Every girl needs a pair of flip flops in her spring sandal line-up, after all. For younger girls, look for the flip flop styles with a back strap to help them stay on more easily, too.



This style of sandal can be really casual (think sports slides) or much more dressy, but regardless this is a sandal style that’s easy to wear (no straps to buckle – just slip your foot right in!) and one that tends to be very comfortable.



Footbed sandal

 Quintessentially, this sandal style includes a molded footbed and two wide, buckled straps. Not only is this an on-trend spring sandal pick for girls, it’s also a great sandal style to go with if she wants to match with Mom!




My recommendation for this girls’ sandal style would be to go with a metallic version for sure. She’s guaranteed to love it, and this sandal style seems to scream “extra” in the very best way, don’t you think?



jelly sandal

 Any child of the 80s or 90s will undoubtedly have some major nostalgia for jelly sandals. These days, the quality tends to be better than it was when we were kids, and there are so many oh-so cute versions, making it an awesome girls’ spring sandal pick.


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