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Zulily x Sunshine Swing’s New Spring Kids’ Clothing Takes Playwear to the Next Level

Zulily x Sunshine Swing’s New Spring Kids’ Clothing Takes Playwear to the Next Level

Now available exclusively at Zulily, Zulily x Sunshine Swing debuts its second collection of children’s spring playwear that gets kids ready for upcoming sunny weather and warmer temps.

Get a jump on your shopping for Spring break, summer and vacation essentials while getting your kids excited about their warmer weather #OOTD with Zulily x Sunshine Swing’s new line of Spring styles for kids’ clothing. Following Zulily x Sunshine Swing’s first kid-designed clothing collection of beachwear, which debuted in January 2022, the designers – six winners from Zulily’s 2021 Back-to-School #UniquelyZu contest – put their sunnies on for a second exclusive collection of 60+ styles featuring the perfect options for playing outside and celebrating the brighter things in life.

Available as a limited-edition collection exclusive to Zulily, the Spring Playwear collection of kids’ clothing includes everything your kids need for a day of play or an event, ranging in price from $12.99 to $29.99, and features girls, boys and unisex options in sizes 4-14. A Zulily fan favorite, the Sunshine Swing brand aesthetic is inspired by happy-go-lucky days and captures the energy of childhood while giving kids freedom to express themselves. Fun prints, bold colors and playful details all take center stage within this limited-edition collection.

About the Collection

One of the most exciting things about this exclusive collection of Spring styles? It’s designed by kids, for kids. And the results show that they’re completely in tune with what kids want and love to wear.

“We know kids have an amazing fashion sense so it’s no surprise Zulily’s data from a recent study of 1,000 parents shows 51% of parents say they think their child’s generation has a better eye for style than their own generation,” says Kiki Lockwood, merchandising manager for kids apparel at Zulily. “Given the sea of sameness among products available for moms to shop for their kiddos, Zulily is uniquely positioned to provide kid-designed and kid-approved collections celebrating budding tastemakers and their unique style, especially heading into the warmer months.”

With 79% of kids reporting that having their own unique style impacts their feelings by increasing happiness and confidence, a wardrobe refresh in the form of bright pops of color and new styles provides a much-needed spring mood booster.

The data also shows that 86% of kids would want to design their own clothing if someone else could make it for them. That’s why Zulily went to the source and tapped the six #UniquelyZu winners to create inspired designs like floral dresses and skirts, striped tanks and color-blocked shorts, rainbow prints, pineapple tees, matching accessories, and bright, bold pieces – all giving kids plenty of clothing options that they’ll want to wear.

Meet the Designers

After hearing from kids across the country through Zulily’s survey, the six youth designers were able to reflect other kids’ sentiments in their unique design approach to the Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection:

Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection, design by Kyrie

Kyrie, a 7-year-old from Riverside, Calif., believes fashion can inspire, unite and create togetherness, which is what inspired her warm-weather looks. She adds, “Having a unique style makes kids happy, so I wanted to reflect that through my designs. From rainbow and floral prints, to butterflies and a Good Vibes graphic, I know these outfits will get kids excited to spend more time outdoors.”

Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection, design by Kamden

Kamden, an 8-year-old from Lee’s Summit, Mo., (aka, “The Bow Tie Guy”) has a love for sophisticated details like chambray and stripes, which inspired his designs. He adds, “I wanted to design fashion options for all kids. No matter what your personal style is, there’s something for everyone to look and feel their best!”

Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection, design by Jazlyn

Jazlyn, a 9-year-old from Post Falls, Idaho, is a strong believer in expressing feelings through fashion. She adds, “I channel my creativity through art, and these spring-inspired designs really reflect that. From bright hues and pineapple graphics to intergalactic patterns, kids will feel uniquely themselves in these styles!”

Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection, design by Emma

Emma, a 9-year-old from Seattle, Wash., has an affinity for simplicity and comfort, which drove her desire to create clothes with floral and pastel colors. She adds, “I was drawn to use light colors, floral and chambray so kids could easily feel comfortable and carefree in any combination of styles.”

Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection, design by Marlee

Marlee, an 11-year-old from Roseville, Calif., took the guesswork out of pairing outfits together, creating a vibrant mix of colors and patterns in several silhouettes. She adds, “While my designs feature fresh graphics including rainbows, bumble bees and palm trees, I also chose complementary colors so kids could mix and match with ease.”

Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring Playwear Collection, design by Mady

Mady, a 14-year-old from Provo, Utah, loves seeing her drawings come to life, and was especially excited that her jellybean print sketch became a reality. She adds, “I’m personally inspired by bright colors and new fashion trends, so I’m thrilled I inspired a new pattern for Spring. I also chose soft earth tones and oceanic prints to get kids excited for warm weather.”

The Zulily x Sunshine Swing Spring kids’ playwear collection is available exclusively on as a limited-edition collection. Additional Sunshine Swing pieces are also available at Zulily.

Read more about the designers, their inspiration and the collection.

Data for this post is from a June 2021 survey conducted by OnePoll for Zulily with a sample of 1,000 US parents and their children (ages 5 – 18).

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Zulily x Sunshine Swing’s Playwear collection – designed by kids, for kids.

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