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The New Mom’s Survival Guide

A motherlode of hacks, tips and advice to navigate and outfit your life with a new baby

New Arrivals

The top stories from Zulily’s experts to help as you welcome your newest addition.

How To Shop For A Nursing Bra

Buying nursing bras online can be tricky, but we’ve made it easy for you to get the size, style and fit you need and want with this detailed guide.

How To Babyproof Your Home

Safety comes first. But do you have to sacrifice style? We’ll show you the most important things to do when babyproofing your house while still keeping your home’s style in place.

Must-Have Items For Your Baby Registry checklist

As you transition from pregnancy to motherhood, start building your indispensable list of essential clothing, gear, nursery items and nursing supplies for your baby registry.

Nursery, Baby Gear and Registry

Your baby’s life out in the world requires comfort. These tips from real moms will help.

Tropical-themed nursery with crib and modern rocking chair

Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas

From wall décor to accessories, decorating your new baby’s nursery is more than just setting up a crib. Looking for baby room inspo? Start here.

Woman holding small baby

Fourth Trimester Essentials

Yes, there’s a fourth! Thrive in those first three months after giving birth with items that can provide comfort and confidence for your new life together.

Redhead woman with baby in yellow fabric wrap carrier

How To Wear Your Baby

Get to know the different ways you can “wear” your baby (yes, it’s a thing), including wraps, carriers and slings. Which one is right for you and your baby?

Sunveno Olive Corduroy diaper bag

How To Pick A Diaper Bag

Form, function and fashion might be the last things on your mind when baby arrives, but you’ll definitely need something to carry all of your baby’s stuff.

Bring Your Baby Home in Style

Gear up with what you need to outfit your baby – and your new life as a parent – from Zulily.

Calm nursery with wood crib

Baby and Nursery Essentials

Everything you’ll need for a warm and welcoming first year.

Mom and baby in the park with car seat

On-the-Go Baby Gear 

From strollers to cozy car seats, get ready to go with travel gear.

Baby girl smiling with cactus tank top and pink headband

Prep Her Very First Closet

Make sure your baby girl’s closet is ready when she arrives.

Black boy in teal sweater and striped pants

Outfits for Your Little Guy

Stock up on a bundle of outfits for when he gets home.

Nursing and Feeding

From breastfeeding to formula, the only right way to feed your baby is the one that’s best for both of you.

Baby Care Tips From Real Moms

Our experts answer the questions about caring for your baby that you’re afraid to ask. This is a judgment-free zone.

Peaceful sleeping baby under blanket

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Get our tips to reclaim your shut-eye, get your baby to drift off, and learn how to help them sleep through the night. (It will eventually happen!) And in the meantime, thank goodness for coffee.

Smiling Mom with Baby

Taking Your Baby Out For the First Time

You’re ready to take the baby out in public. What should you bring? Where do you go? How do you keep them safe from germs? The sun? Noise? Life?! One mom answers these questions and more.

Maternity and Pregnancy

Let’s get you set up for success from the beginning of this grand adventure.

Lace maternity dress on pregnant woman

Must-have Maternity Clothes 

You might be wondering whether it’s worth investing in a new wardrobe over the next 9 months. Find out what you really need.

Pregnant woman wearing a pink skirt, white tee, and blue denim jacket

Transitional Maternity Clothes

The ultimate maternity wear hack: Use this list of clothes that take you from pre- to post-pregnancy to stretch your wardrobe.

Mama holding baby smiling

Get the Most of Your Maternity Leave

Are you eligible for paid maternity leave? Here’s what you need to know about taking time off from work to have your baby.

Mom and happy baby

Gift Ideas For Moms Returning to Work

If you have friends about to return to work after having a baby, give a gift that can help them feel supported and encouraged.

Celebrate your Bundle

You’re having a baby! Let the (baby shower) games begin with inspired ideas for parties, announcements and more.

Care Instructions For New Moms

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what kind of support are you getting for yourself? Whether it’s sleeping well, getting yourself a luxurious new pillow, or zoning out to a relatable show, these are all important things to do for yourself as a new mom.

Welcome, Sleepless Night Club members!

Mom and Infant Laying Close on Bed

How to avoid new-mom sleep deprivation

Woman Sleeping
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