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Easy No-Sew Fabric Wall Hanging For Your Baby’s Nursery

Easy No-Sew Fabric Wall Hanging For Your Baby’s Nursery

Decorating on a budget can be challenging no matter what room in your house you are looking to update. Getting a nursery ready for a new baby can seem like a daunting and expensive project but instead of a complete room overhaul sometimes a few small, simple changes or additions like a cool wall hanging can have a big impact. Little pops of color, patterns, and texture can really change the feel of a room without breaking your budget.

While I was pregnant with my first child, I was getting the nursery ready and I remember wanting to create a space for the baby that was both functional, cute, and would last as he or she outgrew the baby stage. I didn’t want to completely re-do the nursery in a year or two once the baby was older so finding the perfect paint color and the right decor that would be enjoyed by an infant and not be too babyish for an older child was a challenge.

With time ticking away and my due date looming, I needed something that didn’t take a lot of time to make, especially since I tired out so quickly in my third trimester. What I discovered and worked great in our nursery was a custom fabric wall hanging that I made in colors that complimented the color of the room. Because this fabric banner is so versatile, easily customizable, and always in style for any age it is the perfect DIY that everyone will enjoy for a long time.

A little imagination and a few supplies are usually all you need to make your little one’s room feel updated. This no-sew fabric wall hanging is a perfect way to add color and texture to your baby’s nursery, giving the room a needed little boost. Not only is this banner inexpensive to make but it is really fun, whips up fast, and is a great project for any skill level. The colors and size of the banner can easily be adjusted to match your baby’s nursery’s room decor and fit into any space.

Easy No-Sew DIY Fabric Garland Banner Tutorial


  • Scissors  
  • Various strips of colored cotton fabric cut into 1 ½” x 8” long strips (or triangles!)
  • Twine or thin rope cut to the length needed + 8” for hanging 

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Cut your fabric into strips 1 ½” wide by 8” long. Any cotton fabric will work including old sheets or even men’s dress shirts so just use what you have on hand! 
  2. Tie your rope or twine between two sturdy objects before you start attaching the fabric strips. It is much easier to attach the fabric if the rope or twine is off the floor and it will give you room to work. 
  3. Measure 4 inches in from one end of the rope or twine as the spot to start tying on the fabric strips. To tie on the fabric strips, I find it best to fold the strip of fabric in half matching the cut ends together then take the loop part of the fabric and lay it on top of the twine. Tuck the fabric strip cut ends under the twine then put them through the loop and pull to tighten the fabric strip to the twine. Continue to loop the fabric strips all along the rope or twine stopping 4 inches before the end of the rope at the other end.
  4. Once all of the fabric strips have been tied onto the rope or twine stretch out the banner so the twine is straight across and the fabric strips are all hanging down. Trim the ends of the strips to the same length for a more uniform-shaped banner. If you want some variety in the length of the strips, you can skip this step.  

Creative Color Combination Ideas for Your Fabric Banner 

If you aren’t quite sure where to begin with this easy DIY project, picking colors is a great place to start. Here are some inspiring ideas and color combinations to consider for your bunting:

No matter what pattern or color you choose, I guarantee it will turn out amazing and will capture your baby’s attention every time they are in their room. 

  • Favorite Disney princess colors
  • Ombre: start with light colors on the ends adding darker tone colors towards the center
  • Rainbow pattern: bold colors or pastels
  • Gender-neutral color themes
  • Favorite animal print like black and white zebra stripes
  • Color block sections
  • Favorite sports team colors

How To Display Your Fabric Banner  

This banner can be displayed across the top of a curtain rod like a valance or draped across curtains for a pop of color or even hung horizontally on each side of a curtain. In a child’s room or a nursery, the banner could be hung on a wall behind the baby crib, or you can hang it under a display shelf or even across a bookshelf making sure it is hung high enough and secure so your child can’t reach it or pull it down. 

For a layered look, stack three or more horizontally on a wall to create a visually stimulating work of art too. I promise once you make one you are not going to want to stop! 

Decorating a nursery with something special made by you like this custom fabric banner is a memorable way to welcome a new baby home and into your family. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of older siblings or even other family members to help you make the fabric banner. It is so much fun to do and a great way to make a sibling feel part of the baby’s life even before the baby arrives. Your new baby’s nursery will look great and everyone who helped will feel so proud of their contribution to make the room perfect.

Now that you are an expert at making this easy wall hanging there is no need to limit this cool DIY craft to the nursery. After seeing how great the baby’s room turned out your older kids may ask you for their own fabric wall hanging that they can hang up in their room.

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