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Nursery and Baby Room Decorating And Design ideas

Nursery and Baby Room Decorating And Design ideas

For most expecting moms, one of the most fun parts of pregnancy is designing their baby’s nursery. Finding all the precious decor to decorate a baby’s room can bring so much joy to an otherwise exhausted and stressed out mom-to-be. 

You’ll have plenty of time throughout your pregnancy to get the room ready, but don’t wait until the last minute! Get on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and start registering for the decor that catches your eye. Also, make sure that you’re enlisting the help of your partner or a loved one for tasks that are not safe for pregnancy, for example painting and heavy lifting. 

Choosing a Baby Room Theme

There are so many baby room ideas that can be used to give your little one a beautiful and comforting space. From animals and characters to colors and story lines, you’ll have plenty of options for nursery themes to choose from.  

When choosing baby room decor, it’s important to keep your style and comfort in mind because the nursery is just as much for mom and dad as it is for the baby. You’ll be spending plenty of time in there too, so make it a space that you’ll love too. 

If you’re finding out the gender of your baby, your baby room decor can reflect that with pretty, girly designs or bold, masculine styles. Choosing to keep the gender a surprise or looking for a gender-neutral nursery? No worries! There are still so many adorable, unisex baby room ideas for your sweet baby. 

We’ve curated both popular and unique nursery ideas for your little one so you can get started on decorating now!  

Baby Room Ideas for Girls

Baby girl nursery


Large paper flower wall decor is a big trend for little girl’s rooms. Decorate the wall behind your baby’s crib with these 3-dimensional paper flowers in all shapes and sizes. You can also select a floral wallpaper for an accent wall in your baby’s nursery. Finish it off with other floral accents including a vase of flowers, floral crib sheets, or even tapestries. Pink is a very popular floral theme color, however you can choose any flower colors including lavender, peach or yellow. 


Flamingos represent beauty, balance, and grace. Using flamingo wall decor and accents brings a cheerful wildlife theme to your little girl’s room that can pair well with a variety of colors.

Blush and grey

Blush and grey are very popular colors for a baby girl’s nursery! Using this color palette gives you many theme options to choose from including animals, flowers, quotes, or patterns. Match all of your decor with the same shades of pink or grey for this chic look and feel to your baby’s room. 


Butterflies can symbolize a new beginning and are signs of hope and life. Butterflies can be used on wallpaper patterns, vinyl stickers, wall art, bedding, and more in pink, lavender, yellow, orange, or turquoise. 

Baby Room Ideas for Boys

White and blue baby's bedroom


Dinosaurs can be used as decor through your son’s early elementary years. Incorporate dinosaurs as vinyl wall stickers, wall art, and even bedding. You can find most dinosaur decor in green, brown, orange, and navy, so keep that in mind when painting your little boy’s dinosaur nursery. 


Though all animal decor is gender neutral, you can mix elephants with light grey and blue or turquoise as accents. You can find elephant wall decor, crib sheets, and throw pillows to finish off the theme in this boy’s room. 

Woodland animals

This is a current popular theme for both baby showers and nursery rooms alike. What’s great about that is if you use this theme for your baby shower, you can incorporate a lot of that decor into your baby’s room! Just let the host know to opt for decorations that can last long and would be great for this woodland animal themed room. The animals you can find in the woodland theme include bears, foxes, deer and raccoons. Simply use forest green and brown for the overall room colors with animal decor sprinkled throughout. 

Peter Pan

Incorporating Peter Pan characters, as well as famous quotes from the movie will give the room a fun and inspiring feel.  

Gender-Neutral Baby Room Ideas

Retro nursery with arch wall decals and wood crib
Cottagecore Inspired Nursery
Modern baby room with crib and painting of rainbow on wall
Gender neutral nursery in grey and white
Gender neutral nursery

Zoo Animals

Zoo animals are a great unisex theme. Every little kid loves animals as they grow so you can incorporate them in many different ways throughout your baby’s nursery. From giraffes and lions to zebras and bears, the options are endless for animals that you can use. Also, don’t feel like you have to only stick to zoo animals, farm or safari animals are great additions too! 

Night sky

Incorporate the night sky with this unique baby room idea. On the crib wall, you can use wallpaper, wooden or vinyl images for the moon and stars. Accents can include sky-themed bed sheets, blankets, and framed art. You can use a midnight/navy blue with yellow and white accents or go with a simple grey and white for a calming aesthetic. 


Going with a gender neutral color like grey is a great option before finding out the sex of your baby. You can incorporate a lot of grey like the paint on the walls, furniture, picture frames, and rugs, but as soon as you bring home your baby, you can add simple accents to make it more gender-centric. For example, simply adding a pink throw pillow and pink wall art can add a feminine touch to the room. 

From painting to furniture to wall decor, you’ll put a lot of time and effort into decorating your new baby’s nursery. However, it will surely become your favorite room in the house so the time is well spent!

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