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Outdoor Furniture and Decor Ideas Perfect for Families

Outdoor Furniture and Decor Ideas Perfect for Families

Now that the weather is starting to warm up and families have ventured outside a bit more due to the pandemic, it’s a good time to think about outdoor furniture. Think outside BBQ’s, gardening projects and even that impromptu date night with a glass of wine on the patio after kids have gone to bed.  

We’ve got some great ideas for outdoor dining, lighting and decor with the family in mind. Functional, beautiful and fun with the goal of becoming a place that everyone will want to enjoy for summer break and into the rest of the year. Check out our ideas below!  

Outdoor Seating 

There are a lot of cool and versatile ideas when it comes to seating. With weather and spill-proof cushions and different themes and colors according to style, the options are endless.  

Finding the right-sized pieces to fit your space is probably the biggest challenge in selecting outdoor furniture with family in mind. You want it to be roomy enough to be comfortable, but still allow room for kids to run and play.  

I love Adirondack chairs for their portability and easy of use. They are comfortable, mess-free and come in a variety of colors for all tastes. It brings a campy, outdoorsy vibe that almost needs to be complimented by roasting some s’mores close to a fire pit. Throw in a comfy throw pillow and it’s a great place to sit and relax. They come in all sizes as well, so little ones can even have their own chairs built for them.  

Want a little more seating for larger families? Consider an outdoor sectional sofa with washable cushions. Most are weather-resistant and come in different colors from navy and khaki to red and turquoise to fit your personal style. Add a center coffee table and you’ve got the beginnings of a great outdoor dining spot that can be used for BBQ nights or poolside snacking.  

Another cost-effective idea than a sectional is a picnic table. The long narrow benches are great for flexible seating that can both accommodate quite a few people, but also won’t seem empty with just a few people sitting on it. It takes up less space and can be tucked under the table when not in use. 


When talking about any furniture and decor perfect for families, it’s a good idea to consider outdoor furniture and decor pieces that can also double as storage. Whether it’s a tub of sidewalk chalk or pool noodles only used during the summertime, there are some great pieces that can multitask, which can save you some money and keep your space clutter-free.  

A storage bench is one of those furniture pieces that can serve as a sitting area, storage container and table. Stash extra cushions, swim gear or even BBQ tools after use and the backyard will look clean and tidy. Find one that is made of water-resistant wicker for durability and has handles on each side for easy portability. 


It’s a good idea to incorporate some kind of shady area when designing your backyard space. Whether that’s an outdoor umbrella that came with your outdoor table and chairs or an existing tree, finding a space that can be enjoyed when the weather is on the warmer side can extend the time spent outside.  

Think about putting up a colorful awning above the outdoor seating area to protect it from the warm rays as well as give everyone a chance to cool off and relax. There are even some retractable ones for convenience, although those can get a bit pricey. For something a bit more permanent and a good project for DIYers, a pergola with wooden slats is good to provide some shade without blocking the sun completely.  

Outdoor Decor

Now that you’ve got beautiful furniture that fits your space and family needs, it’s time to talk about outdoor decor and outdoor lighting that can really bring the space together.  

If you are a gardener, think about some fun wall planters or even a garden arbor that can be used for planting projects. It’s a great way to get kids to help outside, as they can see the progress of growing flowers and vegetables. It also makes for a nice decor space that instantly adds beauty to a great backyard or even front yard.  

Outdoor lighting can be one of the easiest and most affordable ways to decorate an outdoor space and can be done regardless of space limitations. I love Edison string lights that give a warm glow for a romantic night on the patio after the kids have gone to bed. Wall-mounted lantern patio lamps are contemporary and sleek, tiki torches add a fun element to the space and patterned solar lights are easy to assemble.  

Throw pillows and rugs are a good way to incorporate color and style that are also easy to clean and move around. Find a fabric that is water-resistant but also has elements that are soft and comfortable to add in that inviting element. Pillows and rugs also don’t take up any space, so it’s perfect for small outdoor patios.  

A little brainstorming and planning is all you need to create the backyard of your dreams that is also super family-friendly. We hope these ideas have inspired you to design your perfect outdoor space that is great for entertaining as well as a fun place for kids to play.  

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