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How To Use Solar Lights to Make Your Yard Shine

How To Use Solar Lights to Make Your Yard Shine

Solar lights are an easy way to add a magical glow to your yard and patio or deck at night. They soak up energy from the sun during the day, so they use less electricity. You don’t have to think about extension cords, and you don’t have to deal with dead or eroded batteries. Simply place solar lighting where it will see some rays, and it’s good to go. Whether you’re looking to relax in an illuminated outdoor space at night, or just want to add some unique decoration to your yard, these easy outdoor decor ideas using solar lights will give you a dose of inspiration. 

What are Solar Lights? 

Solar power is the most economical form of energy, since it is derived from the sun’s rays.  Solar lighting uses solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity, stored in batteries for use when it gets dark outside. This form of lighting is used both in streetlights and for more confined areas such as your garden, porch or patio. 

Of course, solar lights are not just about functionality. Sure, they light your way and free up the need for running power from the house, but they can also look very stylish too. With the use of solar energy becoming more and more common, there are always new and interesting solar designs coming out . 

Best Places to Add Garden Solar Lighting 

When you’re creating the oasis that you want your outdoor space to become. think carefully about where to place your solar lighting for maximum effect. These are some of the best spots. 

1. Solar Wall Hanging on your fence

Your fence is the backdrop to your garden, so why not decorate it with style and flair? Adding solar wall hangings to your fence will help light up your garden at night with a wonderful glow. 

There are many types of solar garden wall hangings that you can display on your fence.  You can usually hang these decorations on your fence with simple hooks. Make sure to choose hooks that work with your type of fence, and can easily be changed or removed without doing damage to the fence.

2. Light your Garden Pathway with Solar Stakes

If you have a pathway leading out to your garden, lighting it at night helps you find your way, and gives the path an ethereal look at the same time. 

The easiest method for lighting up your pathway is to display solar garden stakes along both sides. It’s an attractive effect and it can provide a lot of light to your yard as well. Whether you choose decorative solar stakes or more simple and practical ones, you can easily create a look that matches the aesthetic of the rest of your garden, your plants and flowers, and yard. The stakes come in a variety of colors including blue, lavender, pink, white and yellow. 

3. Hang Up Solar String Lights

Another outdoor decor idea with solar lights is a more conventional one, but it’s always a good go-to for the spring and summer seasons. Hanging up solar string lights in your backyard will add a perfect glow throughout your garden every night. You’ll want to sit outside each evening just to take in the view. 

You can use outdoor solar string lights on almost any area of your yard, including on your fence, wrapped around your trees, displayed on your patio umbrella, or wrapped around your deck railings. No matter where you display them, they’ll look magical. They also make a great holiday theme decor element. Think red, white and blue lights for the 4th of July, or orange for Halloween.   

4. Solar Garden Statues

If you want to add some personality and charm to your outdoor space, garden statues are a clever and creative touch. These make wonderful garden decorations because they look delightful at all times of the day. Solar statues give you the extra benefit of being illuminated at night, and you can place them throughout your garden or even on your patio or deck.  Another imaginative way to display solar statues is to line them along your garden pathway.  

5. Multi-Functional Solar Decor

While solar decorations are already functional in terms of lighting up your space in the dark, you can also find multi-functional solar decor for your yard.  This idea is great for people who enjoy entertaining or those who spend a lot of time outdoors. 

An example of multi-functional solar decor is bluetooth outdoor speakers. These provide music for your party, while doubling as a lamp that gives off a colorful glow. 

Solar LED motion sensor

Solar power motion-detecting LED lights can be mounted on walls, fences or anywhere you need extra light.

What are the advantages of solar lighting?

  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly. Using solar lights plays a major role in reducing the carbon footprint created by producing energy from non-renewable sources. 
  • Solar lighting is cost effective. It recharges with the sun during the day, allowing you to keep your electricity costs low. 
  • Solar energy is an unlimited source. Solar energy is inexhaustible. As long as you live in a place where there is adequate sunlight, there is no reason why you can’t acquire solar lighting for your home. 
  • Solar lighting systems require very little maintenance. Solar lighting systems are one of the easiest to maintain. Apart from doing a few check-ups and cleaning throughout the year, there is very little you need to do to ensure longevity of your solar lighting.
  • Solar lighting is available in a wide range of styles. Solar lighting is now available in numerous types, like string lights, statues, outdoor lanterns, and lighted garden stakes. You can also get it in different shapes and colors. Solar lighting has been made to not only serve functional purposes but also to be aesthetically and visually pleasing. 

You’ll eventually find an option that will suit your individual expectations and outdoor needs. While you are outside, take a look around and get your garden ready for all the attention your outdoor decor is going to receive, with all the pretty solar lights you’ll be using!

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