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7 Tips for a Beautiful At-Home Blowout

7 Tips for a Beautiful At-Home Blowout
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Want the polished, high-volume look of a salon blowout without a trip to the salon? While we love a healthy air-dry, sometimes a fancier (faster) style is what’s needed. Here are our top tips for getting a fabulous, frizz-free look with an at-home blowout.


1. Pump up the volume

Use a volumizing shampoo with added protein, biotin or other agents that add body and fullness. Follow up with a volumizing conditioner. Ideally, choose products specially formulated for your hair type. And, for a mini spa experience as you wash, look for aromatic ingredients like rejuvenating lemongrass or soothing lavender.

2. Choose the right towel

When it’s time to dry your hair, the rough texture of traditional terrycloth towels can cause damage. Instead, reach for a microfiber towel. They’re lightweight and absorbant, helping strands dry without the need for rubbing or squeezing. No microfiber on hand? Try a soft t-shirt.


3. Select your styling product

Pick a styling product to smooth and protect your hair. For fine hair, choose a thickening spray that adds volume and tames flyaways. Rocking curls? Detangling sprays can define your curls and help control frizz. Thicker hair will benefit from styling creams and pastes, which offer a little more hold.

Assortment of hair products and tools in pink, black and gold tones
There are many options for great stay-at-home beauty finds.

4. Dry like a pro

Choose a dryer with a nozzle attachment that allows you to dry your hair cuticles in the same direction (this will give a sleeker, shinier finish.) Pro tip: like many other home appliances, dryers come in colors ranging from modern to cheerful. If it brings you joy, try finding hot tools that match your bathroom décor.

5. Pick the right brush

One of the most important steps for a perfect at-home blowout is brushing as you blow dry. You’ll want a round bristle brush, since they provide gentle grip and help prevent breakage. Boar bristle brushes are popular because they help separate and control strands without overheating them. Synthetic bristle brushes can do the same — just make sure the bristles are densely packed.


6. Set the look

Even a little humidity can make your blowout go flat, so don’t forget to set your look. Hair sprays with light hold are best, since they maintain your waves while keeping strands bouncy and flexible. If your hair is normally on the limp or flat side, opt for a volumizing hair spray. For a lived-in, beachy look, try a texture spray.

7. Keep it going

Want to extend your blowout an extra day? Use a no-tug hair tie or scrunchie to make a loose ponytail at bedtime. When morning comes, simply mist your roots with dry shampoo to absorb excess oil and refresh your ‘do!

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In stressful times, it’s extra important to take care of yourself so that you can be your best for those you love.

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