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Rustic Comfort: Modern Farmhouse Living Room Décor Ideas

Rustic Comfort: Modern Farmhouse Living Room Décor Ideas

The living room is the place to gather. It’s the central spot in the home where movies are watched, laughter is shared, guests get comfortable and memories are made. It’s no wonder so many decor ideas are centered around the living room. A mix of modern contemporary and country chic, a farmhouse living room decor style lends a cozy vibe with a modern twist. It’s practical, savvy and brings a balance of old and new thats very in tune with nature.  
Keep reading for some rustic ideas that can be incorporated into any living room, big or small – within any budget – to revamp your space, right now.  

The Color Palette 

Modern farmhouse style boosts warm, neutral colors intertwined with bright, fun accent colors. Cream is still the main color of choice, as it offers a palette without the stiffness of white. Mix creams with earthy browns and you’ve got an inviting, warm color scheme that is modern and rustic at the same time. Shades of toffee, caramel, golds, yellows and browns are all great color choices, too. But don’t shy away from bolder shades like vintage red, cobalt blue, or natural green to mix it up. And don’t forget about patterns! Dots, stripes and ginghams are also very popular, relaying a very country cottage feel to a space.  

Bring Nature In

Wooden Accents

Wooden accents are a must-have for any farmhouse living decor, adding in a warm and simple tone to the room. Wood panels, exposed ceiling beams and, of course, timeless yet popular shiplap are showing up in homes everywhere. Sliding barn doors are also still very popular, and can be used not only for decor purposes, but to close off other parts of the house (like the kitchen or a closet). If on a budget, a simple collage of family pictures in wooden frames, mounted wooden baskets, or a pendant light fixture would all work to add a wooden accent element. 

Add Greenery

Bring in nature by adding some greenery to the space. It adds a pop of color and helps purify your indoor air. Try mounting a shelf to display indoor plants, adding some greenery or wreaths on a mantle, or place some dried lavender near a window. Plants  living, dried or faux – make any room feel airy and welcoming, which is what you want when creating a beautiful farmhouse-inspired living room. 


Mix Vintage & Modern Pieces

Vintage decor pieces are a must for farmhouse decor. Check out flea markets, antique shops and thrift stores for the most variety to find objects that matches your style and budget. Chalkboards or antique signs give that rustic feeling and serve multiple purposes. And, since they are one-of-a-kind, they contribute an effortless unique character to the living room. For example, an old wheelbarrow can be made into a statement coffee table, or an old rustic milk jug can become a corner flower vase. 

While incorporating rustic and vintage pieces is important, let’s not forget the modern elements that give farmhouse living decor its appeal. Modern light fixtures, rugs and clean lines weaved throughout bring both elements together. Bold colors like yellow and teal also give the space a contemporary edge. You’ve got lots of choices to work with. 

Soft Textiles

Incorporating soft textiles into the space is what brings the whole living room together. Place a soft throw on a leather sofa to mix the two textures together or add a pop of color to a cream and caramel space by adding some colorful accent curtains. Shop for organicallycolored cotton or linen slipcovers, which are not only cheaper than buying a new sofa or chair but can be removed and washed whenever needed.  

Pillows are the easiest and most affordable way to add texture to living room. Different shades, materials and sizes can be used to bring the room together, even on a budget. Modern farmhouse style is all about combining clean contemporary lines with a cozy aesthetic, and you can easily do that with a variety of soft textiles. 

the furnishings

 Casual couches and chairs that invoke warm and inviting vibes are great choices for a modern farmhouse living room. An overstuffed armchair and occasional chairs with cozy pillows can become the centerpiece of the space, even in small rooms that can’t accommodate big sofas. Remember that having space is important, and a room that’s overcrowded can lose its appeal. Even with a small budget, with just a little imagination a small space can look bigger with proper placement and select pieces that maximize comfort yet are also practical. 

Practical Storage

Wicker baskets, an old trunk and wooden coffee tables all work in a farmhousestyle room. An old trunk made from solid wood with metal straps found at a flea market or antique shop can be practical piece of furniture. Not only can it store things inside, but it can also be used as a coffee table or even a dining table.  

Wicker baskets bring in the element of nature while also serving as storageThey offer easy access to things used most frequently in your home without taking up a lot of space. Keep in mind that these pieces do not need to have the perfect paint job. Chipped paint and crooked edges are all part of their rustic charm!  

Functional Accent Pieces

The best accent pieces are the ones that not only have a rustic country vibe but also play a useful role in the space without crowding it. Mason jars become flower vases, old wooden bowls and metal storage buckets hold remotes and blankets – these pieces can all serve a function. For bigger spaces, hanging barn door is an awesome way to add warmth and rustic style to the space, especially if combined with a cream color palette. 

A great way to add accent pieces on a budget – especially for those in small spaces – is using farmhouse light fixtures to incorporate style. Copper, hammered metal shades, chicken wire and wooden boxes are all solid options 

The entire purpose of modern farmhouse living room decor is really to make you, your family and guests feel at home, which starts with creating a comfortable, welcoming space where the most time is spent. The farmhouse-styled living room space can be the focal point of any home and can be achieved quite easily with beautiful, inviting and cozy pieces from today and days gone by.  

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