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Ready to Think About Back-to-Class?

Ready to Think About Back-to-Class?

Focusing on Summer Right Now?

You’re not alone. For many, this summer is about taking a road trip or making the most of a staycation. Here’s one helpful way to make the most of your July and August plans: Make a summer calendar or schedule.

It’s so satisfying to have something fun on the agenda, so you have a reward in view on those doldrum days. An epic getaway vacation may not be in the cards, but here are a few things to add fun to the summer months.

Ready to Think School Supplies?

If you want to get a head start on whatever the fall will bring, we get that, too. Shop to get the ball rolling early. Here’s where to find tips for planning PLUS a fun-filled Back to School checklist. And here are a few more getting-ready ideas.

  • Give someone’s bookshelf a DIY upgrade.
  • Review communications from schools, sports and childcare programs. Note their planned dates for fall announcements so you can check back at the right time.
  • Start looking for deals on technology you’re likely to need for any learning arrangement. Think calculators, USB drives, chargers and headphones.

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