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Scrapbooking Holiday Gift Ideas

Scrapbooking Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are a special time of the year. A time when most of us make homemade gifts and plan some scrapbooking projects to give away. Each of us has our own set of traditions and personal approach to celebrating the Winter holidays. Many of those approaches are a result of holidays you’ve experienced in the past, and how important people in your life have shared their recipes, tips and traditions with you. You may have even scrapbooked some of those fun memories. Let’s talk about some fun scrapbooking holiday gift ideas you can make for yourself or gift to those you love.   

Five Easy Scrapbooking Holiday Gift Ideas 

  1. Scrapbook your favorite holiday recipes. Holiday treats, like gingerbread men, fudge, chocolate truffles or even one of our favorites – Biscoff Blossom Cookies – there are so many recipes to bake and photos to take! Try coming up with several scrapbook ideas that include your favorite holiday recipes. This can be a gift for an avid chef or baker in your family or a circle of your close friends.  
  1. Scrapbook pictures from the tree trimming. Include ornaments you love to decorate the house with. Create a page to tell the stories behind your favorite ornaments, another page for the wreath, and another page to display your beautiful tablescape or centerpiece decor. Show off all the fabulous decor you put up around the house and record it for years to come.    
  1. Scrapbook your Christmas list. Make a list and check it twice. Some of our favorite scrapbooking ideas include letting the kids (and adults too) turn a page into their own Christmas list. This is the perfect keepsake for years to come. You’ll love going back and seeing what your kids asked for as toddlers and how the list changes throughout the years.    
  1. Scrapbook your favorite Christmas activities. If you have children, include pictures of them taking part in various holiday activities. Also include photos of other friends and family members, and then tie it all together by using group photos that show your entire clan. Make a list of all your favorite holiday activities and gather those scrapbooking ideas by creating a theme for the pages per game.    
  1. Scrapbook pictures showing everyone opening their Christmas gifts. It is important to scrapbook Christmas morning! You will want to remember everyone’s reactions to opening their gifts. Over time, it’s far too easy to forget what gifts we received. One way you can show off your gift photos is by making special borders on your pages. Pro photo tip: take pictures of the Christmas tree and wrapped gifts before the festivities begin. It is less stressful to take these shots before a chaotic Christmas morning.   

Scrapbook Your Favorite Things   

Have you ever made a list on your scrapbook pages? Christmas is the perfect time of the year to do that! So many cute scrapbook ideas.    

What can you list?   

  • Your Wish List   
  • Memorable Gifts   
  • Why You Love Christmas   
  • Your Favorite Holiday Memories   

Scrapbooking Supplies to Have on Hand

  • Gift Tags: During the holiday season we go through tons of gift tags, so why not add them to your scrapbook page! They will capture the holiday feel you’re looking for and make for a cool page design.   
  • Paper Patterns : You can coordinate your scrapbook with some of these scrapbooking page ideas. There are a few scrapbooking examples that are super cute, giving you lots of ideas for scrapbooking all throughout the year.    
  • Ribbon: The holidays simply would not be the same without all the festive Christmas ribbons and bows. Look for a few ribbon options to incorporate another element into your scrapbook. Consider different color and texture options.    
  • Paper Frames: Holiday memories are some of the most special moments in our lives. Add extra emphasis to those moments in your scrapbook with custom paper frames. You can make paper frames in almost any size and in many assorted styles.   

Scrapbooking Equipment Needed 

  • Scrapbook: Make sure it’s big enough. Scrapbook albums come in a variety of sizes, but the standard working size for beginners is 12” x 12”.   
  • Scissors: Every beginner scrapbooker should have both large and small straight-edge scissors. While you may already have a large pair of scissors in your home, a pair of small straight edge scissors are necessary for scrapbooking projects (and if you really get into it, you can add decorative-edge scissors to your collection as well).   
  • Photos: Use images that are unique and will relay your dynamic personality. Decide on striking images in attractive settings that will draw the viewer to stop to look and admire them. Choose carefully, and have fun creating your holiday scrapbook.   
  • Glue: Make sure you lay everything out in the pages of the scrapbook before you start actually gluing, just to make sure you utilize the book’s spaces properly. Glue sticks are handy. 
  • Sticky Tape: While some projects require glue, many scrapbookers prefer adhesive tabs on a roll, especially for getting adhesive onto photos that can otherwise be easily marred with sticky fingers or glue (and these are better than photo corners, which some scrapbookers find labor-intensive).   
  • Paper: Solid-colored cardstock is a basic for any scrapbooking project, and you can supplement it with patterned paper and embellishments for each project you do.   
  • Pens: It is important to use fade-resistant, colorfast and waterproof inks that are also acid-free and of archival quality, so your work will last. A set of dual-tip markers will give you the most color and writing options as a beginner. Writing notes or small stories about the photos you’re presenting is as much a part of the scrapbooking process as is choosing the photos and assembling your layout.   

One of the key components of a holiday scrapbook are your best and most cherished photos. These images portray your holiday memories, and truly represent your family relationships and friendships. We hope these holiday scrapbooking ideas have inspired your memory-keeping this season. Happy crafting and enjoy your holidays!  

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