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See Rose Go

See Rose Go

In honor of the thousands of women who work with us and the millions of women who shop with us, we’re proud to celebrate Women’s History Month. Zulily supports supporting womenowned businesses that honor, empower and improve lives around the world.

Let’s take a deep dive into the inclusive, plus-size “power” brand – See ROSE Go – and learn about their mission to help women from all different walks of life look and feel fabulous.

Sleek. Sophisticated. Edgy.

See ROSE Go is changing plus-size fashion for good.

Model wearing the See Rose Go "Statement Coat"

The vision of this leading brand is to see every woman thrive with passion and purpose. How so? By designing modern, durable and high-quality clothing guided by insights and input from real women – just like us!

The Founders, Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou, focus on exactly what their customers want and need. Led by a team of women, See ROSE Go has differentiated themselves by providing fashion that is as beautiful and original as the women who inspired it, while paving the movement for a new way of understanding women’s plus-size fashion.

“We are about quality over quantity, surrounding yourself with favorites and joy.”
Yi Zhou, See ROSE Go Co-Founder

Since the very beginning, the brand has been driven by designing innovative fabrics to achieve a superior fit and feel. By conversing with their customers often and actively listening, See ROSE Go created a new material called CoolROSE™. The patent-pending tech fabric offers cooling performance, lasting quality and comfort stretch so you can complete any task in total ease.

See Rose Go founders, Yi Zhou and Erin Cavanaugh.
See Rose Go founders, Yi Zhou and Erin Cavanaugh.
On-model photo of "THE GO-TO L.B.D." from See Rose Go clothing company

See ROSE Go’s innovative fabric, CoolROSE™, offers cooling performance.

With sleek styles, sophisticated designs and advanced fabrics, See ROSE Go helps women accentuate their beauty and be confident while still feeling comfortable. The See ROSE Go collection of bold yet effortless plus-size styles makes it possible to feel beautiful – inside and out.

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