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15 Easy Self-Care Ideas for Moms to Relax and Recharge

15 Easy Self-Care Ideas for Moms to Relax and Recharge

We all know how stressful being a mom can be. A crying baby, a noisy toddler, misbehaving kids, not enough time in the day – we’ve all been there. Yet for most moms, self-care seems to rank pretty low on the priority list. It’s so important to take time to care for yourself. Whether you prefer a relaxing day at the spa, taking an adventurous hike, or something in between, here are some self-care ideas for moms that will get any mama excited for some me time. Give yourself a break from the stresses and strains of motherhoods, by trying several of these self-care ideas.

1. Spend Quality Time With Your Fave People

And by favorite people, we mean those who aren’t little ones you need to feed, clean and bathe. Intentionally plan to spend time one-on-one with a friend or family member who lights you up and who gets you. Spend the time with someone who makes you feel seen, heard and loved.

Seriously – don’t feel bad if you don’t choose your kids for this one. It’s ok to do something with your favorite adults.  If this person is your spouse or partner, let them know this is how you’d like to spend your day.  If it’s someone who doesn’t live in your house, plan a coffee or walk date with them.

And, if it’s your kids you want to spend time with, that’s great, too.  But instead of taking the whole crew out and about, consider giving your kids (and yourself) the gift of full, focused, one-on-one attention.

2. Take a Day Trip (With or Without Your Family)

Is there a nearby town you love, or maybe one that you’ve always wanted to spend more time exploring? Use your self-care day as the perfect time to do so.  Even if you’re just out of the house for a few hours, you’ll no doubt come back refreshed. If you need help thinking of a good place to spend the afternoon, a quick Google search of what’s going on in your area should provide you with lots of ideas. If you live in a more urban area, you can explore a different neighborhood in your city, which can sometimes feel like a day trip on its own. You can also ask friends via text or social media their favorite places to take a day trip.

3. Head to the Beach

Self-care is all about calmness and serenity. If the beach is a calming, joyful place for you, why not head there for a bit to enjoy it?  You can make it a family affair, or go by yourself if you’d rather not spend your beach time applying sunscreen to your kids and playing lifeguard all day. Do whatever feels best to you – there’s no right or wrong, and there’s certainly no judgement. If you live in a more land-locked locale, why not head to a lake, river, or creek?  Spending the day in a beautiful natural spot is always a good idea.

4. Dance to Your Favorite Music

This is one of my absolute favorite coping skills, because it is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. Make a playlist of your favorite songs and let it be the soundtrack of your self-care day. Dance it out in the living room, or put it on as the background music for your family cookout.  Whatever you’ve got going on, your day is guaranteed to be better when it’s set to your favorite songs.

5. Enjoy Your Favorite Drink Al Fresco

If you typically find yourself re-heating your coffee several times a morning because you’re running around trying to make sure everyone else has what they need, maybe you make time to savor a quiet cup of coffee on your patio or porch. Or, if you’d rather sip your fave wine while watching the sunset, a self-care day is a good time honor that desire.  Mindfully sip your beverage of choice outside and notice how relaxed you feel while doing so.

6. Schedule a Conversation with a Faraway Friend

We moms are busy, and if there’s one thing that often goes by the wayside despite our best intentions, it’s catching up with a good friend. Instead of a rushed check-in via text, why not schedule a FaceTime or Zoom with a gal pal that you haven’t connected with in forever? It will do both of you good, and fill your cup for another busy week of motherhood ahead.

7. Laugh

When it comes to self-care ideas for moms, laughter really is the best medicine. How you choose to laugh is up to you, but it’s one of the best things you can do for self-care. Watch a funny movie, ask your kid to do that hilarious thing they’re always doing, or reminisce about the funniest moments of motherhood with your spouse or partner.  You can even just scour the internet for awesome mom related memes, of which, there are sure to be plenty.  Laughter is literally good for the mind, body, and soul, so figure out a way to add some levity to your day by being intentional about it.

8. Do Something You Loved to Do as a Kid

This is one of the acts of self-care for moms that I recommend to almost all of my clients. While it’s easy for us adults to get in a self-care rut, kids intuitively know what they love, and they make time for it. On your self-care day, why not do the same?  Whether you loved dance class, softball, coloring, or riding your bike, plan a way to rekindle that childlike part of yourself and notice how good it feels.

9. Practice Stillness In a Way That Is Meaningful to You

Whether you love to meditate, pray, journal, or simply go outside and quietly take in the sights, stillness restores us in a way that no other type of self-care can.  Find a time and a place to cultivate some stillness into your self-care day, and you will feel renewed and refreshed, even if it’s only for 15 minutes.

10. Do Something Fun with Your Family That You’ve Been Putting Off

So often as moms, we have the best of intentions to take our crew to the zoo or aquarium, or even just for a hike, but things ultimately come up and life gets in the way.  Make it a point to do something fun with your family or take an adventure together that you’ve been excited about for a while, but simply haven’t gotten to – this is one act of self-care the whole family will love.

11. Take Yourself on a Solo Date

If you’re feeling more like some time to yourself would fill you up, give yourself some “me time.” Or think about a solo “date” you would love to take yourself on.  Where would you love to go and what would you love to do that you truly never make time for?  Plan to do just that.

12. Treat Yourself to a Gift You Know You’ll Love

While we all love the handmade cards and jewelry our kiddos bring home from school, there’s also something to be said for treating yourself to the exact little something you’ll love.  Buy yourself that candle you’ve been eyeing, or splurge on that box of gourmet chocolates, or a new beauty routine; whatever lights you up, guilt free!

13. Serve Someone Less Fortunate Than Yourself

One of my favorite ideas for self-care is volunteering or serving others – it can lift your spirits immensely to know that you’re helping someone else. Why not look into a few places you could share your time or money for a mom that may truly need it?  Contact local women’s shelters, your local department of children and family services, or charities that support foster families.

14. Get Creative

You don’t have to re-create the Mona Lisa to enjoy doing something creative. Leave any perfectionistic tendencies behind and embrace your inner artist in a way that feels best to you. You can paint, draw, color, sculpt, dance, write, cook, or craft; the goal here is just to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and joy that comes from being creative.

15. Pick the Meals But Don’t Cook (Unless You Want to!)

Why not choose your favorites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – no cooking required.  You can order out, or enlist your family to prepare the meals that day, or a combination of both.  If cooking is your least favorite thing, be sure to keep out of the kitchen!  If you love cooking, maybe you kick everyone else out of the kitchen and prepare your dream meal in peace – whatever feels best to you!

We hope these self-care ideas have got you thinking of all the ways you want to treat yourself for a day, because you certainly deserve it. Choose your favorite ideas from this list and have fun planning the perfect self-care day for you.


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