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Seven Awesome Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

Seven Awesome Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

Struggling to figure out what to get Dad for Father’s Day? Don’t worry! We rounded up seven great gifts for any dad.

Dads are pretty great. 

They kill spiders and check for monsters under the bed. Dads fix broken bikes and help build forts. Dads are great with tools and grills and hugs.  

Dads are just all around great guys. 

But they can be really, really hard to buy for! Father’s Day is a month away, and I’m already stressing. What do you get the dad who owns more screwdrivers than the hardware store sells and couldn’t possibly cram another tie on his tie rack?  

My own husband is fairly hard to buy for. Not because he doesn’t have interests or a list of wants, but because he doesn’t necessarily like to receive the things I’m good at shopping for. I can pick out great sweaters and fantastic swim trunks. I’m great with skincare products and wallets. But hammers? Aren’t they all the same? And when he says he wants new a grill, he could just as easily ask me to translate his favorite TV show into Greek, because, honestly, I don’t know how to speak Greek but the translating task would probably be easier than picking out a grill! 

So my girls and I have been working together this year to come up with a few thoughtful gifts for Dad. We’ve compiled a fantastic list of seven must-have Father’s Day gifts for dads of all ages. And there’s not a tie or a hammer or a grill in sight! Just a few great things you can do or buy for Dad to show him how much he means to you on Father’s Day and every day. 

Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dad 

  1. Hire someone to do the yardwork for the week. This would be like my husband gifting me a maid service for the week. It’s not something I normally splurge on, because, well, because I can clean the toilets if I don’t like to clean the toilets. So I just clean the house and don’t (usually) complain the same way my husband spends most Friday evenings tending to our yard. The gift of a meticulous yard crew, if only for a one week, would not go unnoticed! 
  2. Gift him a subscription for a monthly box of some sort. I love my subscription boxes- it’s like a gift to myself each time I get the mail! The items I receive in each subscription are generally not things I would go and buy for myself and they are always a great value. Makeup, skincare products, accessories, even workout clothes. I love it all! So, this Father’s Day, I plan to gift my husband a subscription box. There are some cool ones to choose from, too! There are shaving subscriptions and beer clubs and boxer clubs. You can gift him food monthly, or clothing, or even just fun socks. So many choices! 
  3. Give him a certificate for a spa day. Those aren’t just for women, you know! My husband likes to wear sandals in the summer, and his toes, like mine, can always use a little TLC! He rarely takes the time to walk into a salon without me at his side, but, once a year, when I give him a gift card, he will voluntarily go get his feet sandal-ready. Sometimes I give him a gift card for a massage, too, so he can really feel pampered!  
  4. Get him a bug zapper. Hear me out on this one! Last year, a friend posted on Facebook about the best gift she gave her husband that she didn’t know how she ever lived without. And it was a bug zapper. It looked similar to a tennis racket and needed batteries. And when you pushed the button, it zapped whatever bugger was in her house that didn’t need to be. So the girls and I bought one for my husband. We gave it to him and were greeted with eye rolls. But, a year later, it might be one my most useful purchases of the decade. We’ve used it countless times to attack wasps that wander in, spiders in the corner, mayflies who won’t go away and so many more bitty critters that aren’t welcome in our home! 
  5. Draw up a voucher that he can redeem for a day of whatever his favorite activity is. Maybe Dad is a golfer, or a disc golfer. Maybe he likes to fish or hunt. Maybe he likes to go to the lake with friends or to the shooting range. Whatever his passion, draw up a fun certificate to gift him that he can redeem any day for a free round of/day of his favorite activity sans kids. My husband is a golfer and he doesn’t get to golf enough because our weekends are so consumed with kids. I’m looking forward to letting him pick a date and go golfing with his buddies without a sweet kiddo in sight! 
  6. Make him a giant Pizza Cookie using his favorite recipe for inspiration, and then let the kids decorate it with frosting! My husband isn’t much of a cake guy (I can’t relate. I’m all about cake all the time!), but he loves cookies, especially when they are homemade and smothered in ice cream! We pick out a new cookie each year to make. So far, we’ve done chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut and red velvet. We bake them as big as the ones you might buy at the mall and then cover them in frosting and sweet decorations from the girls. We tell him sharing is optional even if we don’t really mean it… 
  7. Purchase a monthly car wash subscription to a car wash in your area. This is one of those gifts that we found by accident. My husband loves his truck, and he takes cleaning his truck very seriously. Years ago, a new car wash opened down the street and I got talked into purchasing a three-month membership for $5 a month, and the price would go up after the intro deal was done. My husband was not even remotely surprised when I forgot to cancel and we started getting billed $35 monthly. He simply took the windshield sticker out of my car and put it in his truck. He now drives his truck through the wash at least twice per week, making the subscription more than worth it for us. He even gets a discount on interior detailing, which he splurges for yearly, although I plan to gift him a detailing this year for his August birthday! 

No matter what you decide to get Dad for Father’s Day, just remember the gift doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. It just has to be gifted with love!  

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